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What I have Learned

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I learned about greed at an early age. I remember deer hunting at 14. I invited a friend, while hunting one early morning I shot a buck. We would clean right there on the spot because it was to hard getting the whole deer back home. As we were packing I noticed once we were through he had taking way more than half. That was the last invitation. I figured he needed it worse than I did so I said nothing.
Hunting was something I enjoyed it was my get away. I remember I would go squirrel hunting and I would take Mrs Wright my catch and she would cook squirrel dumplings for me.

I have learned that Drama is a cancer, and the only cure is to cut it off at the source. If you feed on their drama is just complicates your life.

I’ve learned that if people are to quick to help they have their own agenda.

I have learned once an abuser always an abuser, you are just wired that way, and there is no cure.

I have learned once a cheater always a cheater, yes you are just wired that way.

I have learned to keep my friendship base small. You cannot trust to many at one time, because all do not have good intentions.

I have learned that being confident you can get ahead in life.

I have learned you cannot live your life trying to be politically correct. If you live your life being politically correct you can never be yourself. In fact your life is a huge lie.

I have learned honesty is the best policy. You should never have to lie to get what you want.

I have learned religion is a huge farce. Religion is something people hide behind living off of false hopes.
Religion is nothing but greed, and it has brought down millions of people, and millions have been killed. Religion is greed and nothing more.
I am not saying there is no god, but I believe you can be right with the man in your own home.
People believe in order to be next to god you have to give money or your prayers will not be answered.

I Have learned the lifestyle has changed so much in the last ten years and abuse is running rapid. It is truly a shame how people can abuse and not have a care. To not have any compassion or care for someone’s well being. The explosion is due to the internet and like the drama it to is a cancer.

I have learned that greed now runs the world. Families are no longer families, they are more acquaintances, and they are there until you need something.

I have learned that if your partner will lay on her back and take what you give, she should be your only concern. Your partner should always come first no matter what.

In my eyes Arianna can walk on water, she is a true sign of perfection.

We spend to much time looking at faults, when really if you look at the good, and focus on the good, there are no faults. It took me years to learn to look for the good qualities.

I have learned there is no end to submission. If your submissive or slave is treated with respect, the submission will grow.

I have learned our community is no longer as close as we once were, and I find this to be alarming. We no longer look out for the ones who need guidance , advice, or may just need a push in the right direction, everything now comes with a price.

I will be your mentor but your going to suck my cock, or your going to fuck me, but I will help you. That is very unfortunate that we have gone in that direction.

At one time I had the complete set of the native American dawes rolls, and yes that is the truth. I would help people obtain their cards from the different tribes.
The thing is once I explained the steps I needed from them it was to much work.
Everything we do in life consist of one word. Effort.

I have learned real love is almost impossible to come by today. It seems most have their own agenda. When things go wrong it is easier to just pack up and leave.

I have learned drug abuse is no longer a habit that was once known to be part of the poor population. Our country has a huge prescription addiction problem.

Everything I have stated above also consist of one word. Greed

I have learned there are those who want what others have. Those who want to destroy homes, take away what someone else has built, but in the end they lose, and they lose everything, expecting others to feel sorry for them.

A man will destroy his home, and family over a little pussy, with no guilt or regrets.

Yes all of the above consist of one word as well.




The Whining Dominant

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Ive been poking around wordpress some and I have noticed there seems to be a lot of Dominants who Whine a lot.

After reading some of their post, I would think they would be questioning there role in the lifestyle.

You know sometimes we want something so bad but we really do not have a clue.
Maybe you opened a Pandora’s box and your not sure how to handle things, or maybe it is more responsibility than you thought it would be..

One thing I recommend for a new Dominant is to find a mentor, and finding a mentor is really not that hard, because most Dominants will jump at the chance to help an up coming Dominant.
The thing that is hard is investing all the time you need to, and the listening and taking in the information but more importantly retaining it all.

The problem is though once you read a few articles, and you have spent sometime in a few chat rooms you now know everything. There is no one who can tell you anything now because you have 3 weeks worth of Dominant school under your belt.

I was reading a blog the other day, I guess a submissive had left and this dude was like crying. Professing his love for her, almost begging her to come back, well he was begging her to come back.

I will be the first to admit, there has been times when I had to say you know Vile you have bit off more than you can chew, and I ended the relationship.

So in more than 20 years I have had two slaves leave me, one was my fault and the other she was just stupid, and I invested way more time than I should have, and the fact she could not be loyal.

The first who left was Bea, and I understood, but she left me while I was in the hospital.
The other who was really to young left to go back to her BF who was unemployed, I wished her well.
The only thing that upset me when she left was, she left the fucking dirty dishes, WOW how could she do such a thing.

Okay so I was upset for like well maybe 5 minutes maybe a little longer.
You cannot force someone to stay , if you are at the point of begging, the relationship is to far gone.

I am going to let you Dominants in on a little secret.

Gentlemen there is no shortage of pussy, it fucking grows like weeds. There is more pussy out there than you can imagine.
If you are truthful and upfront and your not really looking for a relationship, maybe just a friends with benefits type thing, there are times she will go along with it.

There is no shortage on pussy. You can have your pick, red, yellow, black or white. American, Asian, German, Middle Eastern, you can have your pick.

I will share something else with you guys. You can have your pick of just about anyone you want.

Key word GAME, you got to have Game, because if you walk up to some fine ass woman and your drooling you have lost.

Two greatest fears in life, the fear of loss, and the fear of rejection.
The little hottie you see walking alone in the mall and your afraid to walk up and start talking to her, guess what? Nobody is fucking her, because if your afraid to walk up and talk to her, so are other dudes, and she has a good collection of vibrators at home. Game you got to have Game.

You know what women love more than looks? Confidence , it is true chicks dig a dude who is confident.

If your burning through relationship after relationship then you need to come up with a new plan because what your doing is not working.

The more you whine like a little bitch, the less respect if any you will gain. Once they have seen that side of you it is over, it is done, you cannot change anyone’s mind, unless they feel sorry for you because your begging like a little bitch.

You gotta have game


The Collar Is Earned

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Over the years the Collar has lost much of its meaning. Today most come with Velcro, and many times the Dominant uses the same collar over and over, bought at a cheap adult store of even the flea market, and as your eating dinner out someplace its tossed at you and your told to put it on.

Just as the Dominant or Master has to remain consistent , the same goes for the submissive or slave, I am going to use an M’s relationship right now. A couple of weeks ago I made the statement that I did not believe a submissive should be allowed to wear a collar, for the most I still believe this, but there are true D’s relationships where the submissive does earn their collar, so I am kinda back tracking some.

The Velcro collar is really a your gonna suck my cock collar or I am going to fuck you collar nothing more. If you have earned your collar in a week, two weeks a month, you have to think what have I done to really earn the right to wear a collar. That should be your train of thought. Once the Velcro collar is placed around your neck the Dominants attitude then changes. He is more forceful, more arrogant , more non caring, you have seen this.

So the Dom you meet or Master they have to earn the right to be called Sir or Master. How do they do this ? They have to prove to you who and what they are. Surely this is something that cannot be done in a week or a month. They have to be everything they have told you and more. The Dominant has to prove that he has your best interest in mind, that he truly cares for you, that he truly wants you to be the best you can be. Again this cannot be done in a week or even a month, it is done by showing he can keep his word and stay consistent on a daily basis. So for someone to demand you call them Sir or Master is really pretty unrealistic. Who are you calling Sir or Master the Dominant or their ego? Are you going to feed into his ego ?

The Submissive or Slave earns their collar. How is this done ? It is by showing consistency , completing task on a daily basis, following rules on a daily basis, following protocols on a daily basis. Can this be done in a week or even a month ? If your thinking with a clear mind you know the answer. Would you marry someone on the first date? Would you marry someone the first week? I really doubt it because you really do not even know them.

When I met Arianna I gave her a collar of protection. We went to local events, I had friends over who were in the lifestyle, we went out to dinner with friends in the lifestyle. I wanted her to see both sides of the fence. I wanted her to see other couples and how they lived. I wanted her to make new friends which has not really gone very well. Most of all I wanted to show her how a real M’s relationship worked.

I made no demands when it came to what she wanted to call me, for the longest she called me Vile, a month into the relationship she started to call me Sir. It would not be till almost a year before I placed a collar around her neck. The truth is she had proved way before she deserved my collar. As a matter of fact the first time I offered she refused stating she was not ready.

When we talk about a D’s relationship compared to an M’s relationship we are talking about two different worlds. Arianna has no rights at all. Arianna has no say at all, Arianna makes no decisions at all. Now this could be a bad thing if I did not have her best interest in mind, but the decisions I make effects both of us, so it is very important I keep a clear head. Because what I do does not just effect me it effects both.

June 15th of last year at 6.45am we were married, at that time we had our collaring ceremony, both the wedding and ceremony was performed by a slave. I placed the collar around Ariannas neck, and it has been off one time, and that was when we went to a jeweler to see if he would be able to add a diamond. It is locked, she cannot take it off, nor has she asked to take it off.  She does wear it to work, yes she works with the public. She does wear it around her family they know of our lifestyle, she does wear it around my family they do know of our lifestyle. She has the need to wear the collar, and when she reaches up to touch it, it reminds her of who and what she is.

Both have to remain consistent, both have to be willing to give, both have to have the want to give, both have to have the need to give, you have to have all of these ingredients for the relationship to work.

Once the collar is placed around the neck and it is locked it should not be removed. This is my belief.

There are play collars that are used, I do understand that. There is nothing wrong with wearing a collar during play. Wearing a collar during play gives the submissive a feeling of loss of control, maybe a little humiliation comes into play , it does spice things up.

There are several different collars. A collar of consideration, a collar of protection, a training collar, then the formal collar, so use a collar of ownership. I use two collars. A collar of protection, then the formal collar.

I am not speaking from a D’s aspect, I am strictly speaking from an M’s side of things. Master and Slave.

If you earn your collar, you will get so much more out of the relationship. If it is just giving to you, what meaning does it really have?



Being A Mentor

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I enjoy helping others, it gives me a great feeling to watch someone grow. I love watching subs and slaves get back on track, being able to watch them get their life back on track. What makes things easier is when I give advice and they follow it, this is when you can tell if they are serious or not.

I have been mentoring someone for the last six months or so, keeping in touch on a regular basis. Talking about anything and everything with the exception of sex. I really see no need in it, because I am not trying to mentor their sex life.

Even with my busy schedule I make time to answer emails, poke fun on Facebook and just talking about things in general. To be a mentor you have to be friends as well, you have to be able to joke around and have fun.

To bad we live so far apart, with just communicating via email makes things kinda hard but it gets done. Again knowing they are following your advice truly means a lot.

Then there comes a time when it is time to let someone local slowly take over, but weeding through different Doms is not an easy task. She had found a Dom she had really taken a liking to. A Dom who had been in the lifestyle for many years, a Dom who was a leader in the community. A Dom who was very respected.

Then came the day I emailed him. I sent a very detailed email about the submissive I had been mentoring requesting his help since he was local. Several days had past before he answered and it was a very nice introduction. Thanking me for the great job I had been doing, and assured me he would drop me a line if he needed to know more and keep me posted of the progress. Wow okay this Dom seems genuine and sincere.

I emailed the Submissive telling her he was willing to step in and help, he would guide her , give her advice and keep me in the loop. She was truly excited.

Shortly after I received an email asking if it was okay for her to give him her phone number , I replied sure go ahead, talk, get to know each other.

A couple of days go by and she sends me an email, telling me what they have covered, and she was somewhat upset, things had not gone as planned.

The first thing he wanted to know about her was what her childhood fantasies were, what she liked about sex, and then it got even deeper he was asking about bestiality. He then began to explain that while he was willing to mentor her and maybe more, no Dominant would even consider her as long as I was in the picture. She was advised to get rid of me.

I blogged about this before but not in this much detail, it is just something that has been eating at me for sometime, and I do find it somewhat disturbing that a Dom well in his 50’s would still be thinking like this.

Then came the email about everything that was wrong with her, how she would be to much work, but at no time did he say anything about me not being in the picture.

Now we have gone a little over six months and the subject of sex has never come up, and after they spent five minutes on the phone, he was probably laying in bed jacking off.

This is what I have been explaining for a year and a half. If you are meeting a Dominant and he is truly interested in you as a person, a submissive or slave the topic of sex should be avoided until you both decide to enter a relationship. Until such time you should concentrate on becoming friends. One step at a time, each step you take brings you closer to the relationship you want, need and deserve.

I think everyone should have a mentor including Dominants especially those under the age of 25 or so. Those who are submissive and slaves new to the lifestyle should also have a mentor. If you are single sub or slave you should have a mentor, someone you can turn to, and depend on.

We who live the lifestyle should be one long connecting chain, like people holding hands. We should all be working together, giving advice and helping out when needed, but we should also be careful not to judge other. Remember we all have different kinks, we all have different needs.

Every submissive or slave is different, everyone needs a different lifestyle, some just in the bedroom, someone outside the bedroom, and some want to give up total control. The important thing is to be there in a time of need.

Viles Quote of the day.

A Married Dominant who cheats on his wife is like a screen door on a submarine, he’s worthless.

Much Love and Happy Easter


Leash Training

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Many laugh at the idea when someone says I am going to Leash train my Slave or Submissive. The fact is, if the two are very serious about the lifestyle. The leash can have a great impact on the Slave/ Submissive.

Just as the Collar has a great emotional impact, once it is placed around the neck. The same goes when the leash is added. Now there is someone to guide you. Someone is not in full control of your movements.

The Master would teach commands not with words but with movements of the leash. Up and down are the two basic. Pulling down on the leash indicates you wish for yours to kneel, pulling up indicates you wish for them to stand. .

The Master should always hold the leash with the dominant hand. This is to insure he has full control. Teaching the slave the different movements without speaking is not as easy as it sounds. You are teaching the Slave/Submissive to follow on your commands without speaking. It would be almost the same as Pony training.

Any training for that matter you as the Dominant has to stay consistent in your training. Once you implement a rule or protocol , then you stay on that path. Staying on a path you set helps set standards. More so the Submissive/Slave knows what is expected.

To take it one step farther You can use cuffs, behind their back. This give the Master total control, and the Slave/Submissive will have to pay attention to your commands. The commands are much like the commands you would give if you use slave positions in your relationship. I do not recommend most of the positions on a daily basis, but the Slave/ Submissive will pick up on one or two the Master likes and will use without being told.

The other day Arianna and I was talking and I was going to change the way she greeted me. She did greet me on knees bent forward with arms stretched out face down. I instructed her I now wanted slave position # 2 The same but facing away from me hands on ass spreading apart. She did as instructed but later explained she did not get the same feeling. In the first position she felt more like a slave and explained while in that position she had a big grin on her face because I was home, and she could not wait to see me.  So after we talked I made that change. It truly makes Arianna proud to kneel and wait for me to walk through the door. That my friend is devotion. This is not when she feels like it, the greeting is everyday. I expect no less from my Slave.

While leash training when you are speaking all eyes should be on you. You can tell when someone is listening and when they are not and you make the corrections with a slight pull on the Leash.

Now depending on who you are and how open you are about your lifestyle. You may want to keep the Leash play just at home. You may want to wear the Leash at local BDSM events such as munchs. Or where someone is giving a Demo, on rope or maybe spanking.

You may feel comfortable wearing your leash in public. Many years ago during a bile week event here in Daytona Beach I walked Chong down Main Street with a collar and Leash on. Up one side and down the other, and not one person made a comment. People took pictures but no one said anything. I did not really expect any comments, but during bike week I have seen way crazier shit than some bitch wearing a collar and leash. You may not want to be seen in public, and that is fine.

I have not giving much thought to training Arianna with a Leash. She has enough on her plate, and to add anymore at this time would not be fair to her. I have giving it some thought in the past, and I may very well here in the future.

The Collar once put around their neck gives them a feeling of being complete. They have worked so hard to earn. They have giving more in six months to a year than they have ever giving. I cannot even imagine the rush that goes through ones mind once the collar is put on. There is way more than just the feeling of being owned.

Then you add the Leash. You the Dominant are now in full control. If the Slave or Submissive is in the right mindset it will take them places they have never been before. Total power exchange. They now know they must follow without question.

This is also a type of Behavior Modification, you are giving a different mindset. Used on a daily basis they will soon adapt, and will most likely welcome the Leash when you bring it out.

One thing you never use is a choker collar, never, never , never.

Trust me it puts them in a different place.

Hey check out my friend on facebook she has an awesome group. Hers is more active than my group is you will have a lot of fun.





Weak Men and Their Cocks

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Those of you who are submissive just look around you when your out. Listen to the way some men talk, the way they act. yelling out at women. Doing their mating calls.

I was at a store several months ago and this fucking hot woman pulled out at a store I was stopping at driving a BMW, and this dude on a bicycle said yo lil momma as she was walking by. I looked at him and said really dude.

Weak we see it everyday, their life is ran by the brain power of their cock. They sleep they walk, they think, with their cock.

My first example would be the almighty Anthony David Weiner.

Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandals

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  (Redirected from Anthony Weiner sexting scandal)

Anthony Weiner, Congressional portrait c.2007

American politician Anthony Weiner, former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York City, was involved in two sexual scandals related to sexting, or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone. The first, sometimes dubbed Weinergate,[1][2] led to his resignation as a congressman in 2011.[3][4][5] The second, during his attempt to return to politics as candidate for mayor of New York City, involved three women Weiner admitted having sexted after further explicit pictures were published in July 2013.

Now I am not going to post his wife’s pic up because well it would not be right. She is hot, petite, and very intelligent. Do not think for one minute Anthony is the only one who is running our country who is doing stupid shit, he got caught.Again, and again, and again.

There are other weakness’s as well not just falling to the power of pussy. The great Rob Ford, who in the past three months has been a total ass. Smoking Crack while at work, buying crack while at work, and being drunk in public.

Rob Ford

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rob Ford
Rob Ford Mayor.jpg
Ford in 2011
64th Mayor of Toronto
Assumed office
December 1, 2010
Deputy Doug Holyday 2010-2013
Norm Kelly 2013-Present
Preceded by David Miller
Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 2) Etobicoke North
In office
November 14, 2000 – October 25, 2010
Preceded by Ward created
Succeeded by Doug Ford, Jr.
Personal details
Born Robert Bruce Ford
May 28, 1969 (age 44)
Etobicoke, Ontario
Political party Independent (2000–present) Note: Municipal politicians in Toronto run on a Nonpartisan basis
Other political
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario[1]
Spouse(s) Renata Brejniak (m. 2000)[2]
Children 2
Residence Toronto
Profession Politician

Robert Bruce “Rob” Ford (born May 28, 1969) is a Canadian politician and businessman. He is the sixty-fourth and current Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prior to being mayor, Ford was a city councillor. He was first elected to Toronto City Council in the 2000 Toronto municipal election, and was re-elected to his council seat twice. At first discounted as a potential mayor, Ford was elected mayor in the 2010 mayoral election on a platform of reducing the “gravy train” of government expenses and taxes, and he took office in December 2010.

During his political career, Ford has been the subject of a number of personal and work-related controversies and legal proceedings, including a conflict of interest trial that nearly removed him from office.[3] In 2013, he became embroiled in a substance abuse scandal, which was widely reported in the national and international media.[4] Ford initially denied the allegations, but after a 2013 Toronto Police Service gang investigation led to police discovering a video of Ford, he admitted to all of the incidents, including public drunkenness and illegal drug use.[5] Ford admitted to having used crack cocaine “probably in one of my drunken stupors”.[6]

Following his admission, Ford refused to resign. Not allowed by law to remove Ford from office, Toronto City Council voted to remove certain mayoral powers from Ford and grant them to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly for the remainder of Ford’s term. Council also voted to reduce Ford’s office staff and move those staff to Kelly’s office.[7][8] Despite the scandal, Ford has promised to “continue doing the job he was elected to do” and contest the next mayoral election, scheduled for October 2014. On January 2, 2014, Ford registered to run for reelection.[9]

I am sure there will be more to come from Mr Ford.

Then a somewhat of a surprise was Mark Sandford who I had a great deal of respect for.

Mark Sanford Disappearance

And Extramarital Affair

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For six days in June 2009, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford‘s whereabouts were unknown and there was media coverage of what was described as his disappearance. Subsequently the Governor reappeared and reported that he had been in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. He stated that in 2001 he met and became friends with this woman and that they started having a sexual relationship in 2008. His wife became aware of the relationship in January 2009, and it was later revealed that two weeks prior to June 24 Sanford and his wife had begun a trial separation. The woman was later identified as Maria Belén Chapur, an Argentine journalist.

During the six days of absence, one of the excuses offered by Sanford’s spokesperson was that Sanford was hiking the Appalachian Trail.[1] As a result, “hiking the Appalachian Trail” or “hiking the Appalachians” became an acceptable euphemism in the English language.[2]

On major disappointment to me was John Edwards whom I would of probably voted for.

John Edwards

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Edwards
John Edwards, official Senate photo portrait.jpg
United States Senator
from North Carolina

Johnny Reid “John” Edwards[1] (born June 10, 1953) is an American politician, who served as a U.S. Senator from North Carolina. He was the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2004, and was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 and 2008.

Edwards defeated incumbent Republican Lauch Faircloth in North Carolina’s 1998 Senate election. Towards the end of his single six-year term, he sought the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2004 presidential election. He eventually became the 2004 Democratic candidate for vice president, the running mate of presidential nominee Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Following Kerry’s loss to incumbent President George W. Bush, Edwards began working full-time at the One America Committee, a political action committee he established in 2001, and was appointed director of the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. He was also a consultant for Fortress Investment Group LLC.

A North Carolina grand jury indicted Edwards in 2011 on six felony charges of violating multiple federal campaign contribution laws to cover up an extramarital affair to which he admitted following his 2008 campaign. Edwards was found not guilty on one count, and the judge declared a mistrial on the remaining five charges, as the jury was unable to come to an agreement.[2] The Justice Department dropped the remaining charges and did not attempt to retry Edwards.[3]

Now I am not going to rag on William Jefferson Clinton for a couple of reasons. One he was caught red handed. At first like any good man he denied . Then he admitted what he had done, and he came out victorious. If you can get your cock sucked and still run the country. So be it.

Your going to say that is not fair. Well John Kennedy messed around for years and nothing was said, both great men. I guess you see which side of the fence I am on. Well not here as of late.

So where am I going with all of this. You the submissive, you the slave are looking for the same in a partner as all the people were with these men above. A Leader, someone who cares for you. Someone who would be honest, none abusive. Someone who wanted communication.

The truth is everyday I read a sad story of a submissive or slave who has been put through the ringer. It is sad to say, after the Dominant Grobbles back into the subs life, after he has begged, and he swore it would never happen again, or he is going to leave his wife who wont suck cock. You let him back in.

This is the Dominant who got down on his knees and begged you for forgiveness . Then once he stands back up he now wants to be in charge again. His chest out pointing his finger telling you to get on your knees.

If a man cannot control his own life, his own emotions, keep his cock in his pants. Why in the fuck would you submit to such a piece of shit.

In a year and a half I have been ragging on these dudes and not one has come forward, to make a statement. Not one has come forward to explain why he is the way he is.

I think that would be a good debate. Why cant you run your own house. Why do you have to step outside of your marriage ? Why you just put your vows in the trash can. Your wife wont submit so you find someone who will.

Let me tell you women something, like me or not, get made tell me to go fuck myself. BDSM is not about meeting some dude in a motel once a month for a couple of hours. BDSM is not about fucking in some dudes car once or twice a month.

Then you wonder why things are going the way they are. You wish things would get better. Don’t forget the Dom has told you not to worry things will improve. Why would you sit by your phone after work just looking at it waiting on a return text you sent the day before, or a return call. You can only call a certain time. Then he may or may not answer.

You sit there and you put yourself through this torture. You allow yourself to get in the tangled web. You allow yourself to be abused.

Well Vile is just blowing smoke out of his ass. He has no idea what he is talking about. I got news for you. I have used women just like you. I have used women just for my own pleasure, and the next day if we met I could not even remember your name. Unless you lifted your skirt and bent over. Oh your Kasey okay nice to see you again.

While your wasting valuable time on Mr Cock, and just hoping that things will change, and they never will. You could be looking for someone who could benefit you. Someone who can provide the love and structure you need. Someone you can wake up to every morning.

I know I harp on this subject a lot. Maybe just maybe someone will stop by and read this and say you know what ? Vile is right.

Ladies do you know what a Dominant wants in a submissive or a Slave? Do you really have a clue ?

Lets say you find a Dominant that does not have a cock with ears. Lets pretend for a minute your looking at his head and yes his head has ears, and his cock does not.

A Dominant wants a submissive who is smart , witty, fun to be around. A submissive who takes care of there selves . Little to no drama. A job would be good, not required, unless your paying for everything. A submissive with a sense of humor. Intelligence goes a long way. Someone who is loyal, caring loving. Someone who wants to adapt to new ways. follow rules. Act like a woman in public That is not asking much, and your rewards could be giving back 100 times fold. Even more.

Now what do you think he thinks of you while he is waiting at the motel, because he cant take you home. Or your sucking his cock in the car in a parking lot. I am sure by now you can guess.

Your going to say , but he gives me what I need when we are together. What is it he gives you for those few hours? How does he give you the daily support you need. The love you need, the attention you need.

Instead the only attention your getting is him stroking your hair while your going down. Then once he has blown his load you spend about 20 minutes talking and hes got to go.

This does not make you a whore. This does not make you stupid. You are confused, because some dude has fed you a line of shit longer than the mexican border, and you fell for it

Fuck if you read Ariannas blog she went through the same shit. I confronted both of the fake ass’s , and neither could or would stand up to me. I even asked to meet one in public, and he refused. I wanted to meet him because I thought he could do good for the community. He had a lot he could share.

You know what makes you stupid? Is when you go home and you don’t hear from your Dominant for a week or longer, and you hit that depressing mode, you sink into a deep state of depression. That is what makes you stupid.

Come on your smarter than that, your far more intelligent to fall for the same ol same ol.

It is not how he is caught it is when he gets caught, and he will. Do you want to be there to go through all the drama. Do you want to be there when his family falls apart. Then comes the children. If nothing else you have got to think about his wife’s children because he is not. Do you want this on your shoulders?

Now there are some who are happy with this type of relationship. There are some who do not want to commit. More power to you, if it works for you so be it. If you are happy then I am happy.

Do not waste your valuable years hoping things will get better. Holding on by a thread, crying at night. Your little bit of time you spend on the phone is phone sex. Which I am upset because I have never had phone sex. I have never asked a female to cam for me.

If and when you meet someone just look and see where his ears are. Things will go much better if you separate the two

Image Can you really submit to this ?


Our Relationship Has Taking A Turn

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Living as Master and Slave is really not as difficult as most think. It really depends on how much the Slave wants to Submit and how much the Master wants to give in return.

While I was searching , I knew what type of Slave I was looking for, I knew the qualities I was looking for, I knew the demeanor I was looking for in a Slave and the personality. I had in six months compiled several list and narrowed everything down to one. I took a little from each list and made one. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and I would not except anything less.

After meeting Arianna for the first time I was just in total awe, I cannot even begin to explain the next steps I was going to take and more so how I was going to proceed.

I remember my friend Kelly telling me after Arianna left, she said dude there is no way your going to pull that off. Kelly said she is the hottest female I have seen in a long time, there is no way. I looked at Kelly and said bet me, bet me anything.

After an hour and I heard nothing, I was thinking I just may lose this bet, then my phone beeped . I want to see you again tomorrow. I knew right then I was in like flint

So now I had to really think after learning just what type of relationship Arianna wanted, I had to decide if I was up to the task or not. Just the thought of a Micromanaged relationship put heavy thoughts on my shoulders. It is not that I could not do it, the question was did I want to invest that much time in a relationship.

Over a years time I had met with some 50 or so Slaves or who wanted to be a slave and I had no interest in any one. So for six months I just chilled. No looking, I had no interest. I needed to take a break and gather my thoughts. Maybe just maybe I had set my expectations to high. Maybe the slave I was looking for was not or could not be real. Maybe it was time to lower my standards a little, maybe I expected to much from one person. Maybe poly was the way to go. Nah fuck that at this point and time it was just a waiting game.

Micromanagement , you are taking control over someones life. You are taking full control over someones life. You are making there decisions , what to wear, how to talk, how to walk, when to eat, what to eat, There whole life is balled up and laying in your hands. When to sit, when to stand, when to go to bed, when to get up. How I wanted my cock sucked, how I liked to fuck. Wow that is a lot of responsibility .

At this point to add anything to our routine would not be like adding anything at all. Once you form a D’s or M’s relationship and the two are on the same page things just fall into place.

Arianna had brought something up about a week ago. She had stated that she did not feel her submission as much. I explained she does not see or feel as much because she lives it everyday. Everything she does on a daily basis comes natural.

In the past I have brought things up that I am truly against when it comes to any relationship. The first being a Dom or Master demanding all of the subs or slaves passwords to all of their accounts. Even in the world of BDSM everyone needs their own privacy, not to mention you are giving private information to someone you hardly even know. The second thing I am against is access to your cell phone, again a privacy thing, and third your computer. Most Dominants or Masters who demand such a thing are ego driven, and insecure. Trying to throw their authority around, and you give it to them because you think you have to. Your trying to prove your submissive.

Okay where am I going with this ? Last week Arianna and I met with another Dom who is single. We met in St Augustine, had lunch at a small Irish pub very nice, the setting was much better than the food. Arianna and I were drilled for maybe two hours, being drilled I mean a lot of questions about how we maintain our relationship. How we maintain the M’s side on a daily basis. How we stay Master and Slave. How is it we never argue.

Arianna was asked a question I believe it was about trust, she made the comment that she would be more than willing to give all of her passwords as well as being monitored by a GPS tracking device. The topic had nothing really to do with trust, coming from her, it was about giving up more control. She explained how she loved to be restrained on a daily basis, caged more. As I am listening I am taking all of this in, and I am thinking would any more that I decided to put in place add more to my bag, not at all because we are at the level of truly knowing each other.

Now the key to my part I have said a thousand times is me being and remaining consistent, and being consistent on a daily basis. Consistency makes the world of D’s or M’s run smoothly, the Slave just falls into place, and will follow without question.

I get up every morning with Arianna at 3.40am . I go into the kitchen and turn the coffee pot on while she is getting ready. When she comes out her coffee is poured and we talk. A couple of times a week I only get about 4.5 hrs sleep, but I still feel the need to get up with her. Then on her way to work she calls like clock work, and we talk more. The other day we were talking about our visit and she brought up the subject that she needed to give more, and wanted me to take more control.

She keeps two daily journals now. One in the car, time and mileage to and from home, work and where ever she stops in between , then once home she has a journal she writes in of all her task, even when she just wants to sit and relax. I know everything she does and what time.

So now I had to figure out a way to take more control. So I mentioned a App for a GPS tracker which she found one downloaded it and sent me the link. It is called Life360 , it sends me updates every time she is on the move. I know exactly where she is at. . I now have all of her passwords to all of her email accounts, as well as her wordpress and fetlife, not that I will ever use them, but I do have that ability.

I in noway demanded any of these things, nor have I ever brought the subject up. This was all of Arianna’s idea. This was her way of giving up more control. This is what she needed as a Slave.

In the past with the rules I have in place, not only does she follow my rules, but she has added a few on her own as daily reminders, which I thought was awesome. She added these rules because she felt she had a need.

To take without the other wanting to give is very wrong, to take when offered makes you feel good, knowing they have that need to give and they want to give.

It is wrong when you first enter a relationship and your passwords and other information is demanded. You as the submissive has the right to say no thank you, unless your new Dominant is going to give you the same access. Ask him for his passwords and see how far that gets you.

The more the Master keeps their word or Dominant the more you as a submissive or slave will want to give. After all that is what your looking for, you want to give all , you do not want to hold anything back.

Arianna’s perfect setting as a Slave would be total solitude, and confinement , then she would be truly happy.

Everything I have spoke about is all about trust. Trust will get you everywhere and everything, without full trust you really have nothing.



The Slave

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Sitting on the couch watching TV relaxing and your Slave is at your feet. The Slaves only concern is you their Master. Their mind is constantly churning on how or what they can do to please you.  Your life is drama free, no arguing, no fighting, no yelling at each other. You the Master are in your own little world.

The Slave is content when being used, the Slave feels needed when they are being used, and not just in a sexual manner , maybe being used is the wrong word ? I can say their main goal is to please. You have a partner for life as long as we stand and walk the path we promised.

We took a trip up to St Augustine yesterday to meet with another Dominant. Him and I seem to be on somewhat the same page as I am when it comes to an M’s relationship. He has wanted to pick out minds for sometime but with my work, I rarely have time to really get out anyplace.

We parked by the old fort and walked across the street to an Irish pub the setting was okay a little loud for my taste, the food was nothing to brag about but the company was good.

The Dominant we met who happens to be single as well I am guessing maybe mid 30’s is single for the same reason I was for so long. Neither of us would or will settle for less. When you settle for less it never works, it works for that moment and time.

Arianna had made the comment the other day , she said she wanted to feel more submissive. I said you are already there. She said why don’t I see it. Well you live it everyday, every hour, every minute. You have grown accustomed to my ways, you have adapted to my ways, you have adapted to my rules and protocols.

If the relationship is not kept in check the slave can get a vanilla feeling, this is something we all want to avoid. It could be a sign of losing control as well. As Dominants we tend to get to comfortable in a relationship, so it is very important to keep a close eye one what is going on.

You may love and care for but there has to be a fine line. I am speaking from experience from a past relationship. While in a relationship with a slave, I let my feelings get in the way, because I no longer punished her, nor did I enforce rules. In the end I was no longer the Dominant she had known, and I was no longer who she needed. Love or no love, when it comes to an M’s relationship we are talking a whole different ballgame.

The Dominant we met yesterday had brought up one word I had used at the MasT meeting and that was consistency , being consistent on a hourly basis, a daily basis, weekly,and monthly, meaning 24/7 . Once you put something in place you have to maintain what ever was put into place, rules , protocols, dress code, eating habits what ever it is, you have to remain consistent.

If you the Dominant or Master are in full control this is really no task, you are not adding anything extra to what you are trying to accomplish . All you have to do is keep an eye on your surroundings.

If a rules is broken or maybe a slip up on a certain protocol, it does not constitute punishment, we are human we do forget, shit happens, but then again we are visual. A rule is broken and the first thing we want to do is beat our property. Why ? Because we can, and I suppose you could get a high off of hit, or maybe it will make your chest look bigger. Why was the rule broken? Was it on purpose ? Did the slave really forget ? These are things you have to sit down and talk about before handing out any type of punishment.  Beating your slave is not always the answer, pain is not always the answer. Most of the time scolding like their a child is just as effective , or taking something away.

In the beginning of the M’s relationship you put rules in place. You limit the space where the slave can stand or sit. Up until recently Arianna had not been able to sit on the furniture. You take away everything that was available to them when they wanted it before the relationship. The only thing you cannot take away is family and friends. The slave must be able to have outside contact, but on a limited bases, until you have reached what I call a safe point within your M’s relationship 90 to 120 days.

Before either agree to such a relationship you both need to have a plan and questions. The Master or Owner. How far do you want to take your submission? How much control do you want to give up? How do you see yourself as a slave?

The Slave to Master or Owner. How are you going to take care of me ? Are you going to treat me fair ? Are you going to change your rules to fit your needs ? Are you going to be faithful ? Am I going to be the only one or will there be others ? If there are others how am I going to be number one? How will I get the attention I need ?

There are truly a thousand questions to be asked from both parties. These are questions that should be thought out before even meeting someone, and you should not be afraid to ask anything. After all you are about to put your life and body to someone.

If you do not get the answers your looking for simply get up and leave you owe no one anything. Do not agree to anything unless you feel 100% things can go your way, and your needs can be fulfilled , not your wants I could careless , your wants come later.

As Arianna was explaining her submission to the other Dominant he just looked at her, when she finished he looked at me and said you have hit the lottery , I said you think ? I know I hit the power ball.

You as the slave you have to hash out your limits, your hard limits, soft and maybe’s although being a slave I could not see why limits would even come up, with the exception of the norm. No broken bones , no cutting unless that is your thing, no blood, no kids, no scat again unless that is your thing.

Limits with me are nonnegotiable with the exception of the norm, other than that nothing is negotiable the key word NOTHING. It is and will be my way.

An object this may be hard for some, or some may not be able to grasp the idea. At times your slave my slave is an object, an object for my pleasure. At times when I lay Arianna down and she is spread I see a hole. I see a hole I am going to pump until I blow my load. When she is on her knees I see a cock sucker. I love telling her how good my cock looks in her mouth, more so when I am holding her head and I am pumping away and I feel her gagging. Or when I am on top, and my hand is around her throat and I am telling her how good her pussy is, and that I own her. The feeling of being completely owned is the key and that is by the daily reinforcement of the Dominants consistency.

The collaring of a Slave is very serious, and something that should be giving much thought. You would not expect a Dominant to collar you on the first meeting even within the first month or two. It takes longer than that to truly get to know someone. Remember the first 60 to 90 days people are on their best behavior , then the true colors tend to come out. After you agree to enter such a relationship usually it takes about 90 days for a fantasy to wear off on either side. The 90 day mark will tell if the potential owner is serious about the lifestyle or not. So beware if the Dom wants to offer a collar to soon. Some will use the collar as leverage to gain what they really want and that is in your pants.

If you should have to punish, the Dominant should explain what rule was broken, and why you are going to be punished. After the punishment is complete positive reinforcement is needed just like after care, and explain the consequences once again. That is something that should be pointed out in the beginning of a relationship some of the rules you expect to be followed, the choices and consequences. There is no way you give fully give all your rules when you first meet, you as the Dominant have no way of knowing what areas need improvement. Rules are meant for self improvement and nothing more. Taking away bad habits and implementing good habits.

Yes at times you need to treat your slave as an object as cruel as it may sound. The rewards the slave reaps from such treatment is truly a story in its self. I am sure the feeling of being owned is a feeling unlike any other just as the feeling of owning a slave. It is a rush a good rush.

I have gone over in the past about my training process, some or most may not be as extreme as I am. Some may not want the type of control I have. Some may not want the responsibility I have.

My training process is how I do things and I can tell you from my own experience my way does work. It may not fit every Slave but I stood my ground and firm about who and what I wanted, and like most of the time I got my way. I am not being cocky I am being truthful.

You may see my way of training as unconventional and what works for me may not work for others, but I have laid the ground work. In the end you have to have your own plan. Also my way or Viles way is just my opinion and nothing more.

But if you want a slave, the key is just to stick to your word, be honest and truthful and everything will fall into the right place.

Arianna knows her place with in the home and out of the home. She is a best friend, a wife a Domestic slave and a sex slave all rolled up into one. You can have the same thing if you are true to the lifestyle.

If you implement rules , make sure the rules can be followed without stress, make sure your rules are realistic. A rule is not sending  you a video of the slave anal training, that is not a rule, that is a rule so you can jack off while watching. Rules are meant to help. The worshiping your cock will follow without a rule.

What we have is what most men can only dream of. We have what so many other do not understand but in many ways they envy us. Deep down they want what we have but they do not want the responsibility.

The word OWN is really very deep. To say you OWN someone, and to have someone give you 100%. To be able to fully control someone’s life, and knowing that one wrong decision could effect both of you , that is heavy, but the relationship is like no other.

The slave will give without question, the slave will give without thought. The slave has the need to please and get pleasure from pleasing. The slave is not selfish, and when giving something they will take proudly even if you only spent a dollar on it.  When asked if you say the word NO that is what it means. There will be no arguing, the slave knows there is a good reason. The Slave knows you as the owner has their best interest in mind, and that their needs will be met

The Slave will strive for perfection in anything they do, be it cleaning, cooking or dressing up when you go out. The Slave wants to look their best. The Slave needs to feel beautiful for their owner. The Slave wants their owner to be proud.

We as Dominants see each Slave in a different prospective, we are all different and we all have different needs. To find someone who shares the same quality’s, and wants is very important. The Master really has to do very little because the Slave will adapt to their surroundings if they are taking care of.

I am a proud Owner.



So You Really Want To Be A Slave

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Being truly owned , being an owned Slave , giving yourself 100%. Having the need to submit. You feel lost but your not sure why. Something in your life is missing but you cannot put your finger on it.

Bdsm we think of all the kink , the spankings , being Daddy’s little girl, , maybe your a puppy but you have never been able to express yourself, maybe your a kitten but it has always been just a fantasy.

Most of you who are submissive has had these and other thoughts from a very early age, while growing up you knew your way of thinking was different from your other friends, or maybe you shared some, with those you knew you could talk to. Then some of you well just made it your own little secret.

So now your a grown woman, but the feelings run much deeper, your thoughts are running wild, but now you dare not share anything, mainly because not many would understand or care to have you try and explain it. The search is on. You have to find yourself but most important you have to find someone who will not only understand you, but except you. Except you for the person you are and need to be.

Welcome to the world of BDSM This is where your wildest dreams, and fantasies , thoughts and desires can come true. It is like opening a door and walking through to a whole new dimension, another world, almost like time travel, because in this world anything and everything is possible.

This is a place where you can be you and you will not be judged , you will not be looked down on. All of those hidden thoughts can now come true.

It all seems very easy, if you think it you can do it, and if you want it bad enough you fight until you get what you need. No one said the path is easy, or that we are not going to make mistakes, because we all make mistakes. The key is to learn from our mistakes and move on to bigger and better things. You can now look back and think man what a dumb ass, but now I am here.

Finding acceptance means everything, finding someone who will understand you, someone who cares about your feelings and thoughts. Someone who is willing to take control, and take the lead.

Being a Daddy’s girl is a very special relationship, the Daddy is so loving and understanding. Being a baby girl makes you feel special, and as you should. Being able to be a pet, and just be lazy around the house, or acting crazy like a little puppy would. In this world you can be who and what ever you want, and you will find someone who wants the same thing. We should be able to be who and what we are, when and where we want.

Being a submissive , you crave the feeling to be able to kneel in front of someone. You crave the feeling of being able to submit, to give yourself, but on your term. The submissive sets the pace of the relationship. This is what many do not understand, this submissive is just that. The submissive is not a slave. You as the submissive set the guidelines, and it is you who decides just how far you want to take your submission. You decide what rules you want to follow. A D’s relationship is very special just like a Daddy’s girl, or a puppy , a kitten, or a pony. You are all very special in your own way. You each have something special to offer.

You may find someone right away or it may take time, it is important you find that fit. The one your compatible with, the one you can trust, and tell your deepest inner secrets. Then you are free.

The Slave, the Slave wants to give up full control. The Slave says here is my life do with it as you see fit, but please take care of me, that is all I ask. The Slave you can use me when ever you want the word no will never come out of my mouth. Please just take care of me. I will suck your cock at the snap of a finger, I will spread my legs with just a glance, I will proudly kneel waiting for you to arrive home. I will take care of you the way you need to be taking care of, just please take care of me. The Slave I will adapt to your way of life. I will serve you, I will submit at all times, I will follow your rules your protocols, I will sit at your feet proudly. Just please take care of me.

The above is really deep and it is true for many. An M’s relationship is a very special one, the relationship runs deep, and the bond is like no other.

D’s or M’s these are two different meanings. Dominant and submissive , Master and Slave. Tow totally different lifestyles but we should all respects each others needs. We should not judge we should all be family, not in a sense of living together but in a sense of being there for someone, being able to talk even if we do not understand.

I asked Arianna why do you want to be a slave? How do you see yourself living as a Slave on a day by day basis? How do you want to be treated ? How do you want to serve ? Most important what do you expect to get out of such a relationship?

I want to give up full control, I want to be micromanaged , I want to be in full submission. All of these things I had to consider. Did I want the same? Did I want that much responsibility ? Did I want that much control over someones life ?

After spending much time together and I found out we had a lot in common, I decided to give it a go. This was something that was new to me as well. So I had to put a plan together, not only for me, not only for Arianna, but for both of us.

How do I know your really a Slave or want to be a Slave ? How do I know its just not a fantasy? How do I know its just not a phase your going through ? How do I know your real ? How do I know you truly have these feelings ?

Arianna made the comment yesterday she needed to feel more submissive, she wanted to be able to give more. She needed to give up more control.

I said your already there, you are giving everything, you have giving everything. You do not see it because you live it everyday. Everything has just come natural. You are where you are suppose to be, I just have to keep it in check.

The words come up again Behavior Modification it is real. Arianna’s life has taking a 360 degree turn and she does not even see it. Unless she looks back at where she was a year and a half ago, two years ago, 15 years, 20 years. Then and only then can she see the difference. Everything just fell into place, and it was not hard because she is where she has always wanted to be, and she is able to be who she wants and needs to be a Slave.

I did cut her hair, I almost shaved the right side of her head. Why ? Because I could, because I wanted to see just how much control I had, but more so to see how much control she wanted to give. Okay so it was a test, maybe not a very good one, but it was a test, and she passed. Now her hair has grown back out.

Being a Slave does not make you weak, being a slave does not make you a doormat , your not a house keeper, or just a cook. I myself help out when I can. I do laundry from time to time, I cook when I am able to. On my days off I do want Arianna wants to do, I go where she wants to go. Because her being happy is my only need and concern.

I do use Arianna and on a regular basis. I use her as I see fit, I use her for my pleasure, but the difference is I give back. I give back way more than I take. I am there 24/7.

There is no yelling, there is no fighting, there is no arguing. The other day we had a very deep conversation. I had done somethings she was not happy with. She was able to express your feelings, she let me know she was hurt, and I listened. I really could not explain myself because I had messed up. We did not argue or yell at each other. Then we spoke as husband and wife. Now I have to make sure I do not make the same mistake again.

Your submissive or slave, baby girl, who ever you are. You should be allowed to express yourself. You have that need it is not a want. You should be able to communicate on any level, without being scared of talking. You should be able to question your dominant, your daddy or master when something is not going right, or you feel you have been mistreated.

Am I mean ? Am I cruel ? Am I an ass ? Am I unfair ? Do I abuse Arianna ? I can say being very truthful I am none of those. I am the Master that Arianna told me she needed and nothing more. Many of you do not understand. I am sure many never will, unless you are willing to take that step.

In order to be happy we have to be who and what we are. If we live our life for someone else then we will never be happy.



I own Everything

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A very good point was just brought up.  About the lifestyle, either you are or your not. If one is just playing the fantasy it will not work. Both have to be willing to make the needed changes.

Drama free…stress free…. yes, this is so true. This is the goal. The first few months or even the first year may be a bit of a roller coaster, but as you both mature in your roles, the drama subsides. If it doesn’t, then one or both people are acting the roles not living them. If the sub is acting out just to receive a “punishment” and the Dom doesn’t see through it, then it is just role play and bedroom fun. Thank you Vile.

I keep hearing from different people how we have a very unique relationship. I cannot see or understand what they are talking about. If you are Master and Slave then you are, or could others who observe us in public just be acting out. Maybe some Dominants do not wish to have such control or maybe they do not want all of the responsibility that comes along with such a relationship.

I was reading earlier and the phrase that caught my eye was I own every hole. That is really the truth, but I can say that every hole was not just giving to me I had to earn the right to say that. There was a major trust factor and Arianna still after a year is still adjusting. She still relives the past at times as I am sure most do. I do not the past is just that. I had good and bad, but I leave it where it is suppose to be and that just happens to be the past.

It is up to you the Submissive or Slave to insure you are with the right Dominant or Master. If it up to you to insure what is being offered is what you need. It is up to you to insure the rules are fair, and that you are able to follow without question. It goes the same for protocols. In the end you are the one who has to either say yes or No. If you should say No that is not for me, you owe no one an explanation. You do not owe anyone anything. Have a nice day I hope you find what your looking for.

To many will jump ship to be with someone, to many make irrational decisions when looking for a relationship and it does not take long to learn you have made a huge mistake. You being open and honest makes the world go round.

In our world there are thousands of levels, kinks, lifestyles. Some are in it just for the kinks, some are in it because they crave abuse. Some are controlling and they prey on those who are submissive. The bottom line everything is on your shoulders.

We are Arianna and I Master and Slave we do live it 24/7. I am not allowed down time while she is. I cannot just turn something off I am me. The Slave however does need downtime , they need to be able to clear their head, relax, go out shopping with family or friends, without being texted every ten minutes. The Slave needs time to breath interact with others.

As Dominants and Masters our only concern should be our property and nothing more. The submissive or slave should always come first without question.

I do not need to go out with the guys, although I I wanted to I would, I am not into bars, well maybe a Titty Bar from time to time, but if I wanted to go Arianna would go with me. I get all the people food I need at work and that is where is stays. Outside of work we have zero in common.

To those who are seeking a live in submissive , or slave. You need to think things out really clear, and you need to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Because once you take on the responsibility it is yours, and it would not be fair to jump ship in the middle of a mess you made yourself.

Many submissive’s or Slaves are afraid to speak up when they first meet someone. All you have to say is thank you for the dinner it was nice, lose my number. It is that simple you just walk away you owe nothing, your dept is paid because he was lucky enough to have dinner with you. He was lucky you graced him with your presence.

We Arianna and I are not unique we are who we are and who we choose to be. I have my ways and she chose to live my way, my rules my protocols, and share my same thoughts.

I have never called myself Master, that was something Arianna wanted to do, I never demanded she call me Master. None of my emails begin with master. My email for wordpress is my fetlife is vile as well . We have grown to need labels, we need that type of control or most do anyway.

I desire to be in control, I have the need to be in control. but with that control comes a great deal of responsibility and that is taking care of one.

I am no better than any other Dominant, we just all take things to different levels, we all have different needs, and we all expect different things out of our property.

Most I mean a great deal of those who are submissive will take most anything that is handed out, including pain, humiliation, never being called back or emailed. Most will except everything just because they have the need to please.

I can tell you this if your one to take advantage of such a gift and you do not return everything you have , you will get yours in the end, and you will have no one to blame except yourself.

We are all unique we are all different. If we were all the same it would be pretty boring.

To say I am different in front of 14 people kinda offends me. To call me out or my Slave kinda offends me. You call me out because I live my life different ? You call me out because you want the same thing, the same life, but your not man enough to grasp the idea of what it takes ? That offends me.

Maybe it should not offend me because I have something they do not and they want. Maybe they envy me and my way of life ? Maybe they think I take the lifestyle way to serious ? Maybe offend is the wrong word, maybe I am misinterpreting the whole thing.

I can tell you this every Dominant who has asked me. How do you do it ? Once I start to explain I can tell after about five minutes I have lost their short attention span.. Because after the first three minutes or so it is just much work or to much time to invest.

So with everything I give, and the little I take or expect in return. I can say without a doubt I do own everything. I own every hole.

This is in noway a bitch session, just something I have been thinking about for sometime.

I am not so different, my way of life is and what I expect from my relationship.