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What most think of me.

Posted in abuse, bdsm, cocky, Dominants, egotistical, masochist, Master, Molding, problems, self confidence, Self Inflicting, slave, submissive on December 1, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

When out and about if you should run into someone who knows me, and you ask. What do you think about Vile, or the people local call me Dr. House. I guess we have the same personality’s shrugs I never thought about it..

Most see me as very cocky, conceded , non caring, selfish, self centered, stuck up, egotistical, and the final Mean, very Mean.

While most of the above may be true, I suppose. I am just me, I am not going to change who I am to please the bitch next door. I have done that before when I married a vanilla woman. The most fucked up nine years of my life, although today we remain friends, and have zero drama. She will tell you I am sick. The Lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you are in my circle, my world, Viles world, be it my friend or slave. There is nothing I will not do for you, I will bend over backwards to help. We have great communication. People understand me, and like me for me. People understand my personality, although most will tell you I am to out spoken. If I feel you are feeding me a line of shit, I will tell you.

If you are my slave, no not submissive, Slave. The other day I was chatting with someone on FB and she had me figured almost to a T. She has read my blog. It blew my mind away how someone could read me so well

Now if you are my slave, and it does take a unique female to fill that position, I am not going to lie. That is why I have been looking for over a year now. I have dated so many it is really getting tiresome. So much fucking drama, on probation, taking pain medication, I mean a lot. Wow it truly seems endless

Okay I do have somewhat of a rescue syndrome problem , I like to fix, but it depends on the extent of the problems. I am big on abuse, and have taking many in who were being abused.

Now the question is what does Vile do when finished? Depends I was with Bea for seven yrs. I was with chong for almost eight years, but nothing needed to be fixed. Bea was abused .

If you are mine, you are it, you are all that matters. You are all I see. I never start the relationship off , with just D’s I want to get to know the slave. Once I have gotten to that point then I begin to slowly implement things. If you go in balls to the wall, you can make one feel over whelmed, confused, and yes it is a set up for failure.

The key in the relationship is being consistent. I have seen many Dominants change rules midstream to fit their needs. Again you are setting them up for failure. It is important to follow through with what you say, to include punishment if you do not. If you do not follow through you lose the respect factor, once on a downhill roll, it is almost impossible to regain control and you will crash.. Thus the end of a relationship, no one to blame but yourself.

Being a Dominant is not an easy task. We are expected to be who we are 24/7, and there are no exceptions.We told the sub who and what we are about ,and that is what is expected. Nothing more nothing less. We have to maintain that roll, public or private.

Now if you are on my shit list, you are not my friend. You get nothing, I basically do not even see you. Those are the people who see the above in my personality. I feel sorry for no one.

The fact is 95% of all problems are self inflicting. We set the drama up, we did not take care of a problem, Self inflicting. There are exceptions to that, sickness be it physical, or mental, but you take those two factors out. We did it to our self’s, no one caused our problem we did it on our own.

Right now I take care of Vile.