Questions You Should Ask A New Dominant

You Leave your house getting ready to meet a Dominant you have met on line. There are a lot of questions that should of been asked prior to meeting but these are best when face to face. You must have direct eye contact. Never let a Dominant tell you that you are not allowed to have any eyes contact. Number one that is just his ego, and two you have not submitted to him as of yet. Never let a Dominant tell you what to wear on the first meeting.

At this point in the meeting it is very important to be yourself , because you are not yourself it will come out in the laundry. Explain if he brings anything up about BDSM that you would like to get to know him as a friend first.

These questions came from

1 How long have you been in the BDSM Lifestyle ? and what led you to the lifestyle ?

2 Do you plan to have more than one slave or submissive online or offline ?

3 What kind of relationship are you looking for ? Short Term or Long term ?

4 How much time are you willing to devote to training a new submissive ? How much of my time would you require in return ? Would we have daily contact ?

5 Do you indulge in these pleasures with men and women? If so what safety precautions do you take?

6 What type of training have you had to be a Dominant in a relationship ? Have you trained any Submissive who were new to the lifestyle ?

7 What are some of your basic philosophies when it comes to BDSM ?

8 Ahhh What are your rules ? What are your protocols ? What do you require of your slave and yourself ?

9 What kind of structured training do you prefer to use ? What kind of discipline or punishments do you use when rules are broken ?

10 Last and this is the most important. Do you have an references and may I contact them? I can tell you I have references a page long. every Dominant who has been in the lifestyle for any time will have as well.

Author unknown

I did change up somethings and I left a few out but you can touch base on the link I am going to provide.  These were real questions asked by a submissive.

These are all valid questions, and questions that should be answered face to face, without any hesitation.  If he does not wish to answer your questions simply get up and leave. If he is not real he will play the Dom card on you, and try to put you in your place. Stand firm and do not back down.

You being safe is what matters, you having the relationship you need is what matters. You being happy is what matters.

Now for the good stuff. Vile radio launch date will be between July 1st and the 15th please spread the word I want everyone listening, you will be able to chat and call in. I want to blow the servers up……..

Have kinky fun and be safe Much love to all.


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    Great advice.

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    Hmmm good info

  4. Great advice! Thank you Sir.

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    Great advice when meeting a Dominant..

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    Reblogged for all new submissives. Please take His advice, I learned the hard way!

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    I had plans to write a very similar post on safety when meeting a Dom from the net, but this is great and links back to the submissives guide (some great light reading always).


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    Mr vile is pretty awesome wish I had this kind of good info when I first started 🙂

  9. adri100 Says:

    I would like to thank you and Arianna.for your honesty and openness. I enjoy your blog very much. I just found it today. I am a newbie trying to find my way and encountering many of the fakes you speak of. Reading youd blog makes me feel ok with the way im going about my search for the right Dom. Thank you and I also laughed alot.

    • Thank you yea my slave laughs a lot as well. The other day the police showed up at the door like 20 cops. They were looking for someone who had used our address.
      When I told Arianna the police were here, here first question was did I email the White House again.
      Please feel free to ask questions

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    I love this a lot of good info

    • This post and blog has been what I needed to read this weekend. I cannot express how valuable this information has been to me and helped me realize I need to extract myself, as fast as possible, out of the situation I’m currently in. Sometimes, being a sub or a slave, it’s harder to see the assholes, but the part of your post describing about the bank account being drained really hit home.

      • Those who demand such actions have a low self esteem with controlling issues. They will want to keep you from friends and family as well

        • Thank you for your reply!
          Yes, I believe he has very low self esteem and needed a scapegoat. He has anger issues that he has a hard time controlling. He had tried very hard to isolate me from my friends and family. He recently crossed my boundaries that we had both agreed upon in the beginning and was disrespectful towards me about those boundaries.
          I’ve ended it and learned better what to look for and what I want and don’t want.

      • I apologize for the late response

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