There Has To Be A Bitch

I use the word Bitch loosely , just as we use pet names. Pet names are okay to use. In fact most who are submissive like when Their Dominant uses pet names, even like my Little Bitch. The3 thing is to never use these names out of anger. I believe it can cause much confusion.

Anyway I’ve been really busy with work, planning the wedding, just getting things in order. Arianna has been going through some very positive changes. Changes that have been a long time coming. Things are good, and getting better. I love it when a plan comes together.

Arianna is still learning, and has really come a long way.  Just as I explained it takes roughly a year in a 24/7 relationship for a slave to fully mature. Most of the trust is there, but there still remains some doubt. I get to smile a lot when I am right.  A year ,a Slave should be in full swing. It takes that long to adjust to their new lifestyle. Some Slaves get over whelmed because if something is not right, they have the feeling that they have failed. During this time, punishment should be somewhat flexible, and some thought should be giving, and analyzed to see if a rule was just out right broken or maybe forgotten.  This does not mean I do not express myself or correct verbally.

Anyway I am at work talking to a guy that started the same time I did, and we were talking. He was explaining how much he hated his wife. How big of a drunk she was, how she yelled at him, calling him worthless, blah blah blah. Okay never mind the afternoon stops he makes at a local bar, or the fact he is addicted to Oxycontin, and morphine tablets. So I am guessing he is just as guilty as his wife. Then another coworker was complaining about how much him and his girlfriend argue all the time, mainly out of jealousy/  I can understand those two because they are still young, but Mr. Oxycontin is 55 years old. I would think there would come a time when a man or woman would want to grow up and enjoy life.

I begin to explain a little about my lifestyle a little, but see very early in the conversation he is not listening, nor did he really give a fuck. All is good because I didn’t really want to waste to much oxygen on him anyway. The next day he is complaining again, and I said look you knew she was fucked up before you married her, your like a person who does not vote. You have no right to complain.

He walks up to me and now he wants to listen. First thing he wanted to know if our lifestyle was some kind of an occult. My reply was your not only a pill head but your stupid, and that my friend cannot be fixed.

In a relationship there has to be a bitch, be it a man or a woman. someone has to be in charge. Someone has to make the final decision. You cannot have two alphas living in the same household, it will not work.  Many go years trying to make such a relationship work.

It really kills me when I hear men cry about how lousy their home life is. I had asked Mr. Oxy king how many times he has stepped out on his wife in 18 years and he could not count. Why did he cheat you ask? We she refuses to suck cock. My point was you knew this before you got married. You knew she would not go down south, but you let your dick do the talking.  Now your stuck, with Mrs Daniels and only getting laid the day before payday, suck it up my friend.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get everything out in the open before entering a new relationship. Most men will not because they are afraid they will not get the pussy, or they will be dumped. Once you hit it and you get that love thing going, it is over, sucking cock is out the window, until about six months down the road, you bring sucking cock up or even anal and you get a big fuck you. You then walk away like a whipped puppy with your tail between your legs. He does not have an alpha bone in his body. Then comes the thinking. and he strays, or even worse and I see it everyday married men pulling over and picking up hookers. Ten bucks to get their cock sucked.

It does however go both ways, many women are not upfront about their kinks and needs as well. I can understand somewhat on both sides because you do not want to come off as being to weird. Women fuck around just as much as men. It just really bothers me to see a man who is so weak.

Sex is not the only reason for someone stepping out, many things can come to lite. the biggest being non-compatible, a lack of communication, then comes sex. It does not make it right for either. Then to drag the whole family into a mess that they did not even create.

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  1. BTW a very heartfelt thank you and another nomination back to you for both of the awards that say what it means to me. Thank you from my heart inside of yours! CK

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