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There Has To Be A Bitch

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I use the word Bitch loosely , just as we use pet names. Pet names are okay to use. In fact most who are submissive like when Their Dominant uses pet names, even like my Little Bitch. The3 thing is to never use these names out of anger. I believe it can cause much confusion.

Anyway I’ve been really busy with work, planning the wedding, just getting things in order. Arianna has been going through some very positive changes. Changes that have been a long time coming. Things are good, and getting better. I love it when a plan comes together.

Arianna is still learning, and has really come a long way.  Just as I explained it takes roughly a year in a 24/7 relationship for a slave to fully mature. Most of the trust is there, but there still remains some doubt. I get to smile a lot when I am right.  A year ,a Slave should be in full swing. It takes that long to adjust to their new lifestyle. Some Slaves get over whelmed because if something is not right, they have the feeling that they have failed. During this time, punishment should be somewhat flexible, and some thought should be giving, and analyzed to see if a rule was just out right broken or maybe forgotten.  This does not mean I do not express myself or correct verbally.

Anyway I am at work talking to a guy that started the same time I did, and we were talking. He was explaining how much he hated his wife. How big of a drunk she was, how she yelled at him, calling him worthless, blah blah blah. Okay never mind the afternoon stops he makes at a local bar, or the fact he is addicted to Oxycontin, and morphine tablets. So I am guessing he is just as guilty as his wife. Then another coworker was complaining about how much him and his girlfriend argue all the time, mainly out of jealousy/  I can understand those two because they are still young, but Mr. Oxycontin is 55 years old. I would think there would come a time when a man or woman would want to grow up and enjoy life.

I begin to explain a little about my lifestyle a little, but see very early in the conversation he is not listening, nor did he really give a fuck. All is good because I didn’t really want to waste to much oxygen on him anyway. The next day he is complaining again, and I said look you knew she was fucked up before you married her, your like a person who does not vote. You have no right to complain.

He walks up to me and now he wants to listen. First thing he wanted to know if our lifestyle was some kind of an occult. My reply was your not only a pill head but your stupid, and that my friend cannot be fixed.

In a relationship there has to be a bitch, be it a man or a woman. someone has to be in charge. Someone has to make the final decision. You cannot have two alphas living in the same household, it will not work.  Many go years trying to make such a relationship work.

It really kills me when I hear men cry about how lousy their home life is. I had asked Mr. Oxy king how many times he has stepped out on his wife in 18 years and he could not count. Why did he cheat you ask? We she refuses to suck cock. My point was you knew this before you got married. You knew she would not go down south, but you let your dick do the talking.  Now your stuck, with Mrs Daniels and only getting laid the day before payday, suck it up my friend.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get everything out in the open before entering a new relationship. Most men will not because they are afraid they will not get the pussy, or they will be dumped. Once you hit it and you get that love thing going, it is over, sucking cock is out the window, until about six months down the road, you bring sucking cock up or even anal and you get a big fuck you. You then walk away like a whipped puppy with your tail between your legs. He does not have an alpha bone in his body. Then comes the thinking. and he strays, or even worse and I see it everyday married men pulling over and picking up hookers. Ten bucks to get their cock sucked.

It does however go both ways, many women are not upfront about their kinks and needs as well. I can understand somewhat on both sides because you do not want to come off as being to weird. Women fuck around just as much as men. It just really bothers me to see a man who is so weak.

Sex is not the only reason for someone stepping out, many things can come to lite. the biggest being non-compatible, a lack of communication, then comes sex. It does not make it right for either. Then to drag the whole family into a mess that they did not even create.

I’ve Been Busy

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Work work work, call of duty. I do have a lot of catching up to do, will post tomorrow.

Mostly the usual stuff, infidelity, men being pussies, which really makes me sick to my stomach.

Ahh yes our wedding is about two weeks away, so I have a few updates about that as well.

Much love to everyone..

Keep it Real


Do you forgive what has been done to you?

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Very Intense.

Our Wedding And Collaring Vows

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The time is coming up very soon. Arianna has been hard at work writing out the vows for both ceremony’s. While she has been doing all the work she has been keeping me in the loop. She has been updating me on all the progress.

Once I sat down and read everything I was just amazed at what she had wrote. She did take a little of this and that, but for the most she wrote everything else. What she wrote was to fit us.

We decided to have the wedding and collaring ceremony at the same time. She has chosen to kneel during the entire ceremony.

The setting will be on the Beach at sunrise, to the north you can see the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, and to the East will be the sunrise. When the Ceremony begins the sun will be rising above the Sea.

Arianna picked out the place on the beach, very beautiful and private that time of the morning. The marriage and collaring ceremony is about Arianna. Although I do feel honored to have such a woman, it is about her.


Wedding ceremony

Vile  and Arianna , have you come here freely to give yourself here in marriage?
Will you give yourselves as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?
“repeat after me”
I, Vile , take you Arianna , to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness an in health, from this day forward. You are mine. You have taken residence in my heart, the key has been lost. You will stay there forever.
I, Arianna , promise to be your partner for life. I promise above all else to live in truth with you and to communicate fully and fearlessly. I give to you my submission, my obedience and my heart. May it be a sanctuary of warmth and peace. I pledge my love, devotion, faith an honor as I join my life to yours.
“You will now exchange rings as a symbol of true faith and loyalty I each other. May they remind you of your love when you are apart. “
“repeat after me”
(Vile ) Arianna , with this ring I thee we’d and accept responsibility for you for as long as we both shall live.
(Arianna) master, with this ring, I pledge myself to thee, with all the affections of my heart, forsaking all others, cleaving only to you for as long as we both shall live.
Poem reading by Arianna .
I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. I’m never without it, anywhere I go, you go, my dear
And whatever is done by only me, is your doing, my master.
I fear no fate, for you are my fate, my sweet.
I want no world, for master, you are my world. My true.
And it’s you, are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing, is you.
Here is the deepest secret, nobody knows, here is the root of the root
And the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky, of a tree called life which grows higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide.
And this is the wonder, that’s keeping the stars apart
I carry your heart. I carry, it in my heart.
Sand ceremony.
Vile  and Arianna. We have come here today to join two separate souls into one new soul. Joining two halves to make a whole. Celebrating two hearts together in one love.
May Each grain of sand represent a new memory given which will unfold in your future together. May each piece of shell represent the endurance your love will have through the turbulence of life’s waters. May your love will endure and be rounded at the edges in acceptance of one another’s short comings.
We stand here together to witness your sand mosaic created with each of your own unique qualities.
May your love remain colorful
May you combine each of strengths into a single vessel representing your new life together.
Now for the giving of the collar
Master, I humbly accept this collar as a symbol of your ownership of me. I promise to appreciate your truth, rest in your strength and excel in your care. To you I pledge my live, obedience and servitude. I know that, as your property, I will be looked after and tended to with the utmost of care. I know that I will receive both the affection and discipline that I require. In return, I offer to you the gift of myself. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.
Arianna, I give this collar as a symbol of my ownership. I pledge to love you, keep you safe, and offer you the discipline and affection that you need. Thank you for accepting this collar. Wear it with pride and know that your master is proud to call you his slave.
Solas: ” just as the lighthouse stands as a beacon for ships so let your love and strength light your path and set an example for others to follow. I know pronounce you Master Vile and Slave Arianna


What Does The Dominant Get

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Arianna and I were on vacation in Tennessee, I went to visit my Dad and Brother, while there we did a little site seeing. Driving around one day Arianna made a comment out of the blue that really surprised me. She said Your the first I have met that did not think with his Dick. My first thought was WOW. That was an awesome random thought.

This falls under the communication I speak of when I blog, if you do not have communication, you have nothing. Being able to express your feelings is a huge hurdle. Okay the comment was not deep, but it meant a lot. Many men even the Dominants think with their Cocks and their whole life is about pussy, or getting their dick sucked.

Don’t get me wrong I love head, I get more enjoyment just laying back watching TV while I am getting a slow blow job.

What do I get out of the relationship. I get a best friend, I have someone who is loyal. I have someone I can talk to on any level, and someone who will listen, and cares about what I have to say. I have someone who pays a great deal of attention to me. I am an attention hound. I love touching, and being touched.

Just like last night we were laying in bed watching TV and I was just fingering Arianna. I did not want to fuck, I did not want my dick sucked, I just wanted to play with her. I am fascinated with pussy, almost indestructible and it is like spandex it pops back into place, kinda like the old stretch armstrong toy. You could pull it stretch it, tie it in a knot and when finished it popped back into place, Amazing.

I take care of Arianna, in the physical , in the mental. I am there when she is emotional. Arianna is my main and only concern.

So again what do I get, as I mentioned from above and then more. Although our relationship is not based on sex. It is there when I want or I feel I have the need. I get anything I want when it comes to sex, very few limits. I do not have the need to stray, I get anything I want or need. The word no is not in Arianna’s vocabulary. Now the thing is I do not take advantage of what I have, I truly cherish Arianna, I could not of asked for a greater gift, and that is her total submission.

One Dominant one Slave, one best friend, what more could one want, soon to be one wife.

Much Love to all who drop in, I do try to get back to every ones blog.



Master And Slave Are One

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Okay some may say 7 months is way to soon to even consider thinking about getting married. In the past I would not of even considered putting a collar on a slaves neck in less than a year.

The truth be known I never thought I would marry again, nor did I think I would be living 24/7 with a slave. I was looking but not looking. I guess I was in a chill mode. I had dated so much I was just tired.

Although it is hard to find a real Dominant the same goes when looking for a real slave, far and few between. The same could of been said about me I suppose after a date.

I was just chilling, I had cut off all my friends in the lifestyle. I had stopped attending events. I stopped heading up a local munch. I truly just wanted to be left alone while I was gathering my thoughts, needs and wants. In the past I had settled for less, knowing it was not going to work. I suppose at times we just need the closeness, the companionship, conversation.

Then I met Arianna, in the beginning I was very cautious , I truly did not think anything would come of us meeting. Then you just get a good feeling, you can feel something is right. You take a deep breath and you feel refreshed. Still being cautious I decided to see where it would lead.

So I explained who I was, what I expected out of a relationship, my wants, and needs. I put all the cards on the table.

I control everything, the word no is not in your vocabulary. You follow my rules, my protocols. You must give up 100% control without question. You sit, dress, walk, eat, shower, speak, sleep and wake when I say.

Many of you are going WOW REALLY? My need to be a Dominant is just that a need not a want. Over the years I have grown, and my expectations of what or how I saw a relationship grew. My needs changed. I wanted a true slave.

Now this does not mean I do not value Arianna’s opinion, this does not mean I do not care what she has to say. Arianna knows she can come to me and talk about anything, she also knows I listen.

The key to being a good Dominant is to not only care for yours, but to value what you have. Value what you have. That is something many look over today. Respect what is giving to you as the Dominant or the Domme. Do not take advantage of what is giving. Their submission is a gift of trust. Their submission is needed it is not a want.

Master and Slave meet everything goes well, both have their guard up, both are looking for the same thing, a life long partner, who fits their needs.  I mention needs of people and not so much wants. If you have everything you need, your wants become almost nonexistent.

Meeting your needs is the most important things you can look for in a relationship. Communication being the first. Being able to sit down and hold a real conversation that is not just based on sex. Being able to laugh and joke, going out with each other. Although your master and slave, you still need the little get a ways. You need to become best friends.

Then of course the kinks, the sex, bondage, sessions. All of this must be talked about prior to entering a relationship that is M’s based Master and Slave. This is not a fifteen minute conversation. This is a conversation that should be in the privacy of your home, TV’s off.

When I tried to leave the lifestyle, even when I married a vanilla , I still had to add dome kink. Sucking cock was first on the list, then anal was on the list. To me both were a must. Well she sucked at both, once married all my needs came to an end. The sex was a total disaster.

I am thinking what the fuck have I done. Now I have the house on the beach, the convertible, the dog, and grilling out with the two fat people next door. He carried a cooler full of beer everywhere he went. Always inviting me to a bar, the elks club.

Okay so I got myself in this mess so now I need to fix it. Eight years into the marriage I came clean. I was suffering I needed out.

I told her who I really was, every thing I was into, all the kink, the control, and I just got a blank stare. Then the next day I was told to move out.

Then Nine years I spent in total hell, I still remained Loyal, no matter how much or bad I felt I never stepped out. Yes I do have morals and some values.

You find the one, you know when you do. You have this warm feeling run through your body. We you both leave to go home, you have this overwhelming rush, like a high, your on the moon. The more you get to know each other the better you feel.

If you start your D’s or M’s out with fucking and sucking that is what the relationship is going to be nothing more, 6 to 12 months it comes to an end sometimes sooner. You have to start out as friends , friends only…  Sex or the lifestyle should not come up, you both already have that in common. Once you get to know each other, then step into the more personal aspect of the relationship.

The biggest road block is forcing yourself not to move to fast even though you know it is right. Trying not to rush, but your on such a high, at times everything seems like a dream.

When in a M’s relationship and your in love at times it is hard to stay consistent when it comes to being in the Master’s role. Many think being a Dominant is just barking out orders but that is far from the truth. You have to be able to set love aside when it comes to , lets say punishing, or correcting. Staying on task is very important.

Once you let your feelings get in the way, and the Dominant becomes to comfortable he becomes to relaxed, the slaves starts to get away with little things, without consequences, thus the Dominant is no longer in control, then we are not what the submissive or slave needed. I am speaking from experience.

It takes time to learn to separate both , it is not an easy task. On the other hand neither is the first 30 to 45 days of living with your slave. When the Dominant is setting the pace , he is setting the expectations. The rules, being consistent is the most important part of the relationship. The first 30 to 45 days is the deal breaker, this tells if the two are going to become one.

Truth be known if the two are compatible everything falls into place like domino’s. Keeping a routine is good, but the Dominant has to change things up at times. The Slave will try desperately to figure out her owner, so making small unexpected changes in the daily activity is also needed.

Never be afraid to punish, never let your emotions or feelings get in the way. If you as the Dominant allow such the relationship will fail.

Master and Slave do become one.




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On my last post I believe I looked over a few key points. While the Dominant is in full control of not only himself but his surroundings . The kinkster on the other hand is just that a Kinkster. The Kinkster is only interested in Kinky play. The Kinkster thinks being a Dominant is just about barking out orders and the female is suppose to just follow. The Kinkster will make unrealistic demands, and not understand why the submissive cannot or will not follow through. The Kinkster is quick to lose their temper, scream yell call names. The Kinkster can lose control while playing, not really caring if they hurt someone. It is easy to confuse ones self when it comes to the lifestyle.

The Kinkster who wants to Dominate and thinks he is a Dominant will make unrealistic demands of the submissive. Such as phone sex, make them stop in a parking lot to masturbate, demand videos, pics. Rules are based on sex and not for the good of the submissive. Most are very controlling, and demand things knowing the submissive cannot complete. They will punish for no reason, or change the rules midstream. If the submissive is not experienced it can cause much harm until they catch on to the game.

The Kinkster will make demands when meeting, yea short skirt no panties. Demand sex on the first meeting. Offer a Collar thirty minutes after meeting the submissive.

We all know about the Dominant. In full control, puts the submissive first. Does not make demands that cannot be met. Rules are based on structure , and for the good of the submissive. There is no yelling, screaming losing control. He does not change rules just so he can punish.

We all know this, I just wish more would be more careful when they are getting to know a new Dominant, so the two could be separated..




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No one really knows just how long BDSM has been around or when the name BDSM was used for the first time.  I suppose kink dates back to the beginning of time. The vikings had slaves , service and sexual, the Romans had slaves again used for both. I am guessing at some point in the 60’s BDSM really took a turn in its popularity. The kinky sex houses in San Fransisco , Atlanta, Washington DC, and across the world.Early on there were many people who were hurt and even died from unsafe play. People taking chances and putting themselves in harms way. Being to risky to so they could bust a nut, get their rocks off.Even today you can get hurt, you meet a new Dominant who says hey I have been in the lifestyle for 10 years. Actually maybe a month. Rope Bondage can be very dangerous, more so hard impact play. Even when the submissive provides a safe word, once used he continues without a care. In the end you get fucked up, or worse.The man tells you that he is a Dominant, your just going to take his word. What makes you a Dominant ? What are some of your traits ? Tell me about your personality. What is your role in the relationship ? If I were your submissive what would my everyday life consist of. How can you collar me we just met. On the other side you can be just into the kink, you want to dominate in the bedroom, but only the bedroom. There is a huge difference. There is nothing wrong with a weekend get away filled with kink. Being a Man who likes to Dominate in the bedroom, and you get off on the kink does not make you a Dominant. Here is where the problem comes in someone like this meets a submissive who is looking for a relationship, generally gets attached pretty easy. Then the submissive looking for guidance and structure becomes a burden. The male looses interest pretty quick. Thus turning the others life upside down. It did not matter at the time because he was getting the pussy. He moves on, as will the submissive. I get emails all the time for advice. Do they listen absolutely not, with the exception of one of my dearest friends, Butterfly she did listen, and it took sometime but things did turn around. So why ask for advice if its going in one ear then out of the ass. Then when things do not go your way you get pissed off. I am not going to get into the abuse part, probably a quarter of my blog is about abuse. It just kills me when someone ask for advice and it is thrown out the door. I was asked a about a month ago what makes a good dominant? what are some good rules? After a little thought I declined to give such advice. Other Dominants probably do not think very highly of me. What I write is my opinion. What I write is how my life is. My life is good it fits me like a glove. I never try to speak bad about another Dominant, unless I see abuse, then I confront him. What I write here I have said to someones face. kink can be good in your own lifestyle. It can be fun. I am probably one of the kinkiest people you will ever meet. I am very open minded, in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. I can say I have never done anything that has been against someones will. I have never hurt anyone. Kink I have never done anything that has not been requested. I could tell you some stories that would make your toes curl, but I am just not ready to share or be that open. The day will come.




I Made A Mistake

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I guess it was several months ago I received a couple of private emails from a reader offering to send me a private video. At first I really did not think much of it, nor did I really think she would send anything. This was back in December when I had just met Arianna.

After a couple of comments on my blog about wanting to send a video I said sure why not. Well several weeks had gone by and nothing.I had even forgot about it, then Bam an email.

The video was about 45 seconds and she was fully dressed. I received a couple of more comments but nothing came of it and I did not pursue it. Shortly after another comment from another reader wanting to send a video, without giving it a second thought I said sure.

Well the video was never sent after a couple of comments the subject was dropped. I never did pursue it , maybe if I had been single I may have, but probably not.

So just entering a relationship with Arianna was about the time the video thing came up. Again not giving it much thought.

As most have noticed I have not been blogging as much. I have been dedicating all my time to Arianna. Trying to build something that has gone very well. Things moved faster than I ever thought they would. The past six months have been awesome.

This AM Arianna posed the question do I have the need to control others as well as her. The answer is no. As far as I go one is more than enough. I have always been one on one with the exception of Chong and Beth.

The question is? Is receiving a video a form of cheating? Yes it is, it goes against what I believe, and against my morals. Did I really think something would be sent? Not at all I never really gave it a second thought. I was wrong. I will be the first to admit when I am wrong. I will be the first to admit if I make a mistake. As much as I would like to believe I am perfect I do have a few flaws.

Another problem I have is I want to save the world. I want to solve all the problems. Well it cannot be done. I have been slowly weaning myself off of such task. I cannot fix everything as much as I would like to. One it puts to much of a task on me, and two it takes time from Arianna.

I have been helping out some people and this is coming to an end very soon. Although I love helping, I only help those who want to help improve there own well being. Most of the time when one helps, then it becomes expected, sometimes on purpose sometimes not. The time has come to let go. Maybe it was because I was single, and just wanted company. There are really some I feel sorry for, and I want to take under my wing, it has nothing to do with D’s or control, but I end up spending way to much time on task that really has nothing to do with me. 

I explain to people if you do things by the book things will fall into place. If you follow the rules of the world things will fall into place. The minute you try to take a short cut, everything falls apart. Then it is time to put the blame on others. Rules are put in place for a reason.  Even if we do not agree, if you do things by the book 99% of the time, things will go in your favor.

I am not a man of drama, I stay away from drama, and those who thrive on drama. Most of the time peoples problems are self inflicting. Again not following rules, they try to take a short cut, and their world crumbles, and someone else is to blame.

I try to surround myself with positive people, who do not need the drama to live. Who live by the rules put into place. Hear lately that has not been the case, again saving the world.

It is time to hang my cape up, and worry about two. It is not the recognition I need from others for helping, it is the satisfaction I get from helping others. I do not even expect a thank you.

Arianna comes first before anyone or anything. It will remain so. My saving the world has come to an end. I have a few things to do that I am taking care of then I shall wash my hands.

Much Love


Unforgivable Act

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You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

One of my rules that are in place. It may not seem it fits as a rule, but the fact is many today have a problem staying Loyal. When people do stray out of a relationship it is not love they are looking for, it is the heat of the moment.

Then again I have known people who have strayed and played with the same partner outside of the relationship for years, and then go home as if nothing has happened. Maybe they are not getting the attention they need at home, or the sex just sucks, but everything else is just fine at home. This still gives no excuse.

When entering a relationship the two should make sure they are compatible in all areas including sex. Many men are either ashamed or to shy to reveal their sexual needs and fetishes. Maybe the men are afraid of rejection, or when talking about sex topics come up the female is totally against. As usual the male thinking with his cock will give in. The male will think at that moment and time everything is fine.

Maybe the female is afraid to bring up her needs, kinks, and fetishes. Maybe she thinks the male will think something is wrong with her.

It does go both ways, she wont suck dick, and he wont eat pussy. If this is the case why would either chance a relationship that is doomed from the start.

Okay so it is not always about sex. Maybe a lack of communication, or the intimacy of just being held. Someone paying attention to you. Men are weaker when it comes to the above, a man can be in love, but let another female show a little affection and he is ready to jump the fence hoping the grass is greener on the other side.

Once into a relationship many women are neglected, the male begins to take advantage of the relationship without really knowing he is. He begins to expect things that were once done because the other wanted to.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

I take these words very serious. The unforgivable act. A man crawling on top of my property. Using my property for their pleasure.

This post is not directed at anyone, and no it is not  directed towards Arianna. I completely trust her. She was reading her rules the other night and stated this was her favorite rule. She stated it was direct and to the point, and it told of the consequences.

Maybe your poly and you have the understanding and you agree it is okay to see others, maybe your in an open relationship. While I do not understand and I never will, what is between two is their business. If sleeping with others makes you happy and your relationship stronger have at it.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

Before I entered our relationship, I made everything clear, my kinks, my fetishes, and my needs. I get everything I need from home. I fuck anytime I want, I get head anytime I want without question. I love anal sex it is there anytime I choose. Arianna dresses to please me and only me. Our communication is at level 10, we talk, we laugh and joke, more so me. I love to just gab and Arianna listens.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

The bottom line you always get caught, it is not a matter of how or why, it is when. So you are going to take a chance and uproot your whole family. You are going to take a chance and destroy what you spent years building, over some dick or pussy.

Think about it, you take fifteen minutes of pleasure, your caught and told to pack your bags. The one your seeing is married, you cannot move in with them. Now your starting all over, now the fight begins.

Even if for some odd chance you are forgiving, the relationship is not the same. When you have sex the other person is always in the back of your mind. The trust will never be there, it is gone.

Men are dogs, when he is caught he will beg, cry, and swear he will never do it again. He will do what ever it takes or will say what ever it takes to keep his foot in the door. Most women will forgive, but they will not forget. Once the male is comfortable again, he is back on the prowl. Women on the other hand once caught and they see the consequences, they will not stray again, there are those exceptions, but for the most they will remain loyal.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.