I Have No Respect For Married Dominants

I have posted about this before, it just really gets to me I think Married Dominants are nothing but mere cowards.

I have a very dear friend who was seeing a married Dominant who is now in the hospital, at the hands of his wife, after being beat with a baseball bat. Now she did not know he was married until she got out of the car at home after leaving the motel.

The married Dominant knew when you took your vows, for better or worse, that your new loving bride was not into BDSM, you knew she did not suck dick, or took it up the ass.. So instead you hunt for another bitch that will fill your wants, and  your control issues.

What really pisses me off is every time I post something about some dick who is married, he does not have the balls to say anything, or can give a rational reason why he has to step out on his wife and children while they wait at home for daddy.

You the submissive, or slave, never get a Christmas, birthday, Easter, vacations nothing. You have to settle for an over night stay at the motel 6. and most of the time the subs pays half, because the Weak Dominant cannot afford to pay on his own, because he still has a family to support.

So we have a mother of two, who is in ICU because the Married Dom did not have the guts to come clean with his vanilla bride, who cleans his house, cooks dinner, works, takes care of the kids, and spreads from time to time. What a piece of shit.

My hat goes off to http://thelionresurrected.wordpress.com. Who had the balls to come clean about his lifestyle. Who divorced his wife because she could not be what he needed. JD is the first besides myself in twenty years to have enough balls. To stand up and say this is who I am and I cannot change.

When I divorced I owned a 250.000 dollar house on the beach. After my divorce I walked out of my house with a fucking duffel bag, and a beat up pickup truck. I lost a 1957 chevy, a 1976 Fiat Spider, a 1962 Corvette. Oh and 50K in cash I had to fork over. I lost all of my possessions. In the end I was happy, I could now be who I was and needed to be.

Not one of you married Dominants can give me a justified reason why you have to cheat, or if your not happy to get a divorce. Do not say it is for the children, I had a child and Lion has two.

If you think for one minute you will not get caught you will, no matter how slick you are, or sneaky you will get caught. Then your going to put the blame on your wife because she wont suck dick.

You are a disgrace to the Community, and you want some bitch to call you master. The first words out of your mouth is TRUST , ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. Then you want the sub to follow your rules when you cannot even follow your own.

Why don’t you all stand up and be the man you say you are. You married the one, suck it up, it was your mistake, but your willing to take a chance and when you get caught you bring your whole family down.

There are exceptions, there are those who know. There are those who are poly and are willing to except other partners. To each their own, I do not share my pussy is just that my pussy.

Now you turn the table, and I have seen it before, if your wife was spreading for another man you the almighty dominant would come unglued you would have a fucking heart attack, you would beat the mans ass. For what fucking your wife.

Before I entered a relationship with Tish I made it perfectly clear what my needs were, I put all my cards on the table, she agreed, and I agreed to meet her needs. The fact is, I am here for her 24/7. I am available no matter what. I have no need to look somewhere else, I get everything I need from one.

Be a real Dominant , be who you say you are.

Get a fucking life.


24 Responses to “I Have No Respect For Married Dominants”

  1. Agree. So the wife beat his ass? Thats good for him. I mean I am sure I would do the same, maybe more of a mind game though. I get it takes two to have sex but what I get so annoyed is girls go after the girls, and pretty much let the guy off the hook. Seriously that is bs. I say after the girl deals with the guy then maybe go to the girl…but the guy should be dealt with. I mean I been in a situation where I was cheated on but I was young and broke that couple up when they finally got together. I mean it was not my fault but in a way yea cuz she made him pick their relationship or his friendship with me (his ex that he cheated on with her) well he dumped her. Even though it been a years if I see her she gives me the death look.

  2. I do hope she physically heals quickly, mental health will take a while. Oh my goodness, me heart goes out to her, and her children.

  3. You are so right about JD, but I may be a little biased…:)

  4. I have no respect for cheaters full stop, but particularly in a lifestyle where trust & honesty are the absolute foundation stones. Another great post! I hope your friend heals quickly.

  5. I know this is an older article but I hope you still monitor them.

    I am married I love my husband very much and he loves, but, yes we all hate the but word, I have a very deep need to play a dominant scene, I have spoken with him and he isn’t interested. I once got him to put his hands above his head and pretend he was bound, he could not get an erection despite my best efforts. He really is a very vanilla kind, he will not dominate or submit.
    There is a guy who wants online domination, there would be no physical contact no meets, the thought of this is exciting for both of us.
    Am I really so very wicked and scorn worthy to be considering this?

    • Thank you for stopping by, as long as both are in agreement and playing I truly see no harm.
      Sometimes you need to take steps to spice things up.
      Just keep both in the loop

      • ah and here lies the problem, if I tell my husband that I am considering this or if I do this and he finds out my marriage will be pretty much over.
        I am blessed and cursed (wow dramatic or what) we have love but he will not/cannot fulfill my desires he refuses to actually try.
        I have suggested light bondage or that maybe he “take me” and he frowns and laughs, I am weird according to him, he doesn’t volunteer to use toys with me. the problem is deeper than wanting a dom scene I know.
        Thank you for your time, your blog is enlightening.

        • Well since both are not taking part then I would suggest you keep it in your mind.
          You have to decide what you need in life, and it sounds like you have it pretty good.
          I would suggest more communication, maybe find local BDSM groups and get your husband to attend with you.
          If you cheat you will get caught. It is not a matter of how it is a matter of when, and when you are caught your world will come crashing down, and you stand a chance of losing what you have worked so hard to build.
          Communication, ask if he has any ideas let him bring things up

          • Thank you gentlemen for your time and suggestions.

            I will read the blog you suggest Mynx’s Sir.

            And a married woman who cheats is only looking for a man to do something that her husband will not.

            How to persuade a man to be dominant without TELLING him to, it’s actually sort of amusing and no I am laughing at myself.

            Much respect gentlemen to you and your ladies

          • There are ways to slowly give up control.
            But to cheat is just not fair to either.
            If your going to cheat just leave but give an explanation as to why.
            Just continue to express your needs.
            Many though do not want the responsibility

      • Ya know Mr Vile, when I read the title and opening paragraph, I got really pissed at you. Thankfully, I read further. You’re right, yet again, but perhaps the title should be amended to say “I hate Married Cheaters.” Just a thought…

        As for Alpha’s situation, there a few upstanding submissive’s here who come to mind, but probably the one she should read, follow, and clone is Desiring Discipline (desiringdiscipline.wordpress.com). Here’s a woman who wants the same things which miss Alpha seems to and painstakingly spent the last two years pulling her DH into his role. Reader beware- you must read all of her posts before commenting. There were a lot of ups and downs, and she stuck by him through it all including exposing her blog to him early in 2014. She’s closer to having her desires filled now than before, and there are more milestones to clear. But she stuck with it, stood by him, and pulled him through into the Dom Husband (DH) he is today.

        And to miss Alpha- work it out or move on, just make a decision and stick to it. This is a supportive community, ask and ye shall receive…

        -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

        • Maybe an amend yes, but sometimes I pick titles that will make people question. I would expect if you just read the first few lines you would get upset.
          I try to make some question there ways.
          I also try to explain that subs or baby girls do not have to settle for less.
          A married man who cheats is only looking for someone to do things his wife will not do. I shall read the blog thank you for your comment, I hope your having a kinky weekend

  6. I just found this…I hope she was able to recover physically and mentally.

  7. You say you left in a pick up truck but in your other article you left on a motorcycle and left her the car. I find it very circumspect that your stories are conflicting :(.

    • Yes my mistake you are absolutely right, I failed to mention both, I had a 1986 Jeep Comanche pickup truck and a 1981 Yamaha 750 Seca that I had built. When you commented I started looking for the salvage yard where I bought the parts to build the motorcycle. My mistake

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