What the fuck is wrong with men

I read a lot of blogs I seldom post, but I read…… I like to read Carolina Courtlands blog and no I am not pimping it, but it is good, okay maybe a little bit….

The bottom line is, most men think with there cocks, instead of there brain, there worried about getting laid nothing more. The truth is I out grew this long ago, I was in my late 20’s I guess it was I was still running wild..

The truth is, all you have to do is be truthful about your intentions , you don’t have to come up with no cheesy line, and stand there and look stupid, or if your one where rejection hurts your feelings just man up. Believe me it makes you look like a real loser when you make an ass of yourself, but that is the perfect example of letting your dick think for you, so blame your lil buddy there.

What really gets me is after your shot down, you get mad at the woman, and look down on he.. Are you really serious?  Again the truth is if you have that gift of gab it is not totally impossible to get in her head.

Here is the problem I see all to often, even with a lot of Dominants, once in a relationship, after a while they start to get soft, not enforcing rules, letting your submissive slid on things, not following through with punishment.. This shows a weakness, she starts to lose respect, you are no longer what shes needs. One thing I can promise you, is that once you lose control, it is almost impossible to regain. So the best thing for the Dom to do is move on, the game is over. Don’t blame your sub she didn’t do it.. You got weak because you had pussy on your mind, and you thought if you punished her, she would cut you off.

What many fail to see is BDSM is not based on SEX, it is not based on getting your DICK sucked or playing the Dom card on your knees BITCH.

BDSM is based on a mutual agreement between two adults, on a consensual power exchange… Master and Submissive or Slave….

Here is a little story, and it is true I am not going to mention any names, because I think she still checks out my blog, but she is fucking fine, like 5’1 maybe 100lbs fuck me yea I fucked that up, I am the one to blame. We are laying on the bed making out, I love her ass, I do have an ass fetish bad…  We were not a couple, just seeing each other testing out the waters. I had her on my bed her little skirt pulled up to her waist, getting ready to hit it, and she said not today.. My reply was okay, no biggy, and we continued to just talk…. I still have a thing for her, but it will pass. The bottom line is control, I thought with my brain and not my dick.. If she wants to give the pussy up she will if not suck it up , there will be another day, its about respect, total respect… Respect will go a long ways. Even if she is your submissive or slave, respect still plays a very big part…

The bottom line is be yourself, be who you are, a submissive slave or any woman will respect you a lot more. Fuck the lame pick up lines dude….. If you want a relationship, then follow through with it, if you just want to fuck, tell her, it will go a long way just being truthful. You have the word of Vile….

Be yourself…


Be a man…


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