Women I have not fucked….

I have been to many countries , Germany , that is where I got my nick name, Korea, in the late 70’s that is when I first became interested in BDSM. I have been to Italy , France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, some real freaky bitches there…. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam.  All those countries I had awesome BDSM experiences

I am planning a trip to the Dominican Republic later this year for two weeks, I have met some people into the lifestyle. Ive never fucked a woman from the middle east, England , I love there accents. I think women from Saudi Arabia are hot, Chinese, women, wow I could go on and on…

I just love women, I admire the female body, I like putting my hand around her throat and pushing her against a wall and holding her there while I force her cum. I love rubbing baby oil all over and using a flogger.

I love the way my hand feels deep inside a pussy, once my hand is all the way in, just open it up and feel around. I love eating pussy, I can go for hrs. I love using spreader bars with a pillow under her ass, so I can use any hole I want.

I am just ranting today….  But truly my favorite is Face Fucking, I love the control…

Oh I have not been to Belgium I have read the lifestyle is kicking there…



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