Many Dominants

Okay I am far from perfect, well. Okay so I am not perfect. I suppose my best quality is being in control. About 8 months ago , my now ex submissive and I were eating dinner, and we finished , and I have said be fore this is our talk time, open forum if you will.

So we are talking, and she proceeds to tell me she is having an affair with her ex, who still lives with mommy and daddy, and who does not work, and cannot even have sex because of his OXY addiction.

A little back ground here, the mistake I made was I rescued her from an abusive home, very dysfunctional her parents did not like me because of the age gap , eh yea pretty big. Things were good or at least I thought they were good.

I agreed to let her go home every other weekend , and I would give her spending money, anyway blah blah,  we finished dinner, and she begins to tell me her mistake, because she did not mean to do it, things just happened.

After we are done, I get up, mix me a jack and coke, open my humidor ahhh padron 1926 so so good, and I walk outside , just chilling and thinking. She walks outside and tells me I am not acting the way I should be, I say what do you mean? Well you should be mad, angry, yelling.

I lite my cigar so relaxing, actually my favorite is a brand called Don Tuto ,out of costa rica, so if any of you feel generous , just saying.

So she starts yelling saying she is not sure how to take me, I am scaring her. I say well you can have dickhead come and get you. She blows up more crying, saying I made a mistake it will not happen again please do not do this, forgive me.

Not a fat chance, I can forgive a lot but infidelity not a chance. Again I say you can have dickhead come and pick you up. He does not have a car, well let him borrow mommys, well he does not have money for gas. Wow really.

Okay her mom came to the rescue,  three months this bitch blew my phone up, I had to change my number, close out an email, blocked her and 30 friends on FB. what the fuck.

Okay what am I getting at. Control is the thing, control at all times, it truly amazed me that I was not as angry as I should of been.

Is it easy , no it is not it takes years to master the art of control. I just read a post on Carolina Courtland‘s blog check her out, on how pathetic some men are, it what seems like degrading begging, and thinking they are gods gift to women, and there cheesy pickup lines.

Dudes get a life, why are you begging for a piece of ass , like a cave man, grabbing your woman by the hair and dragging her back to your cave.

Many new Doms have this problem, one, nothing but pussy on there mind, busting there next nut, slapping the bitch around a little tying  her up, spanking her, then leaving. Wow okay you got what you wanted.

Or the lack of communication, wait that is not what you told her when you first met, you told her what she wanted to hear, with the hopes of banging her.

Or you enter the relationship, and you find out after a month or so she is to needy, she wants to much attention, she actually wants you to take her out, spend time with her, instead of her just being on her back.

Guess what, all submissives are needy in one way or another, all submissives are clingy, all submissives need attention. Most submissives want you to fix them, there problems. What ever there kink is, they need that, it is not a want, a need.

Okay you women are disagreeing with me, that is fine. I want you to sit down and think. Does this make you weak? No it does not.Does this make you codependent sure it does, and that is okay. Just make sure before you fully open up, your dom is willing to follow through.  Make sure he wants the responsibility, because he is going to cause more trouble,  for you.

A Dominant is there for you, to talk to no matter the time. You as the submissive should always come first. A dominant should never I mean never raise his voice to you, yell, argue with you. Never at anytime.

That is not what a D’s relationship is based on.

I am not sure if what I just wrote even makes any sense, sometimes I just ramble, and I care to fucking much, wtf is wrong with me.

I hope you got something out of this… Remember talk over dinner, turn your phones off, your ipads, your computer, lock the doors. Talk , communicate…


I apologize if some of you find my blog offensive , I am just me.


12 Responses to “Many Dominants”

  1. oliviamar Says:

    I’ve loved this picture for years. 😀

  2. oliviamar Says:

    I’m sorry she cheated on you. 🙁

  3. Thank you so much for this. This blog is one of those “teaching moments” that we all, D or s need to read. I can at times be a yeller and a blow hard. If I may I would like to copy the paragraph on yelling and post it on my desk at home. It will be good for both of us.

  4. Yes you may, and thank you again for reading,,,,,

  5. Sorry you were hurt and lied to, but as always you explain it beautifully.

    • Its all good , things happen for what ever reason, thanks for visiting

      • No need to thank me for reading your posts.

        I find them really interesting and full of information which I need so much while going through making decision on what I want to from my life.

  6. To me it is not right to expect a Dom to fix the s. It is too dangerous. s needs to have some good understanding of her problems and never use D/s therapeutically.
    Maybe it’s just my deep insecurity talking…

  7. yet I agree, more or less D and s fix each other psychologically. A perfect D/s relationship includes that side.
    Although I don’t believe in the s totally clings to the D for her emotional growth and reconciliation with her past.

  8. A master is not a master unless he has one to call his property, the master makes the submissive, just as the submissive makes the master

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