Am I cruel and brutal

I just had a reply to my thank you post , and I am going to take it as a compliment , um yea it was…….

I am a Sadist , I truly get off on inflicting some sort of pain, be it hard impact play or electrical play hmm , I have spent a couple of years trying to figure out, what makes me tick? Why di I need to be a sadist ?

As I wrote before in my early years of the lifestyle , my first real slave was a Masochist , she was also big into humiliation. Now would there really be a better way for a new dominant to learn? I think not, we were together for about 5 yrs maybe a little longer .  It is not like I just grabbed a belt or a whip and just went to town. She gave me a lot of instruction, she taught me.

If your new to the lifestyle impact play is very serious, if you do not know what your doing, you can really hurt someone. Even by mistake serious damage can be done. I know that is the last thing any dominant wants to do, is be responsible for hurting someone bad.

The humiliation part of the relationship was really intense to me for about the first year, but after a yr it became more of a challenge for me because I had to out do the last session. It was no longer fun to me. Although I do believe that some form of humiliation is needed in a D’s relationship from time to time.

Everything I write is just my opinion, I do not claim to know everything , if I did I would be on Ny’s best seller list. More so I would have the answers to everything , so I could solve the worlds problems.

My last long term relationship I was a Daddy Dom. Here is the thing , and I truly think this is true. I am a sadist , but when I met her I felt nothing I had ever felt before, I was tongue tied for the first time in my life, speechless , I was like a kid asking a girl out to a prom.

No woman had ever had this kind of effect on me , and I knew , that she was going to be mine. At the time I met her , she was seeing another Dom, but I brought that to an end real fast. I am not going to say how, but I really did something dirty, and it worked.

With that being said , I was able to somewhat conform to her needs and I was still happy. I would introduce things at a slow pace, but nothing like I was before.

I would never force something on a submissive or slave. I respect all limits, while in sessions I speak to the submissive, to insure she is okay. If at anytime I have any doubts I stop, what we are doing and talk about things. How she is feeling ? What is going through her mind ? Is she okay? Does she want me to stop or maybe change things up a little?

My sessions are long an hour or longer , I will leave you tied up and go grab a bite to eat, or make a pot of coffee. Or check my game out on FB.

I am vile , nasty , provocative, I speak the truth and nothing but the truth, I am brutally honest so if you ask me a question make sure you want the answer. If someone is talking and I think they are feeding me a line of shit Ill tell them.

I am very strict , I run a tight ship, I have rules and they will be followed to a T , if not there is consequences. Protocol is one of my major pet peeves. On the other hand I am fair, I do not change rules midway to fit my needs. I do not just sit and watch to wait on a rule to be broken. Way to much effort.

I believe in communication, dinner is your free time to speak openly , all cell phones ipads are off during this time.

I believe in aftercare , those of you dominants who do not incorporate aftercare in with your sessions shame on you. That is total abuse , and your a fucking dick. This is something every dominant learns first hand, the submissive or slave needs aftercare , this is a healing process , and time to relax, to bring them back down, more so if they have hit sub-space.

BDSM is not about abuse, it is not based on humiliation , it is not based on your knees bitch. It is not based on sex at all. It is about one being in control, and one submitting . SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL . At all times, safe and sane falls into aftercare as well.

If this is not a practice for you , let some bitch tie you up and beat your ass, or face fuck you will a 12 in dildo, even better fuck you in the ass with a strapon. I cannot believe today this is a common practice, because after most men bust a nut they want to role over and go to sleep, aftercare is the last thing on there mind.

When I first meet someone I am honest and upfront about who and what I am about, I do not mislead anyone, nor do I lie just to get a piece of ass. If you like just to get in some bitchs panties you suck, if you use your dominance to get a piece of ass you suck. If you use your dominance as a way to abuse, you suck.

Being a Sadist is not an open door for abuse, there is a lot or prep before hand, a lot of communication before hand, the entire session is talked about prior to play. You start of slow , and build up to a point where the submissive is at the stopping point, the safe word. If you are a new dominant use a safe word and stop when it is called  Then talk about it , what is she thinking.

So that is a little more about me….



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