Does your Submissive or Slave have personal Issues

We as Dominants have a great deal on our shoulders, on a day to day basis , more so if you are living together. We as Dominants for the most are very caring and loving, more so than those vanilla dudes.

I posted about this before , but it has gotten lost somewhere . So here we go again.

Most submissives or slaves come with baggage , maybe a briefcase , or several suitcases .I have been communicating with someone about this topic.

The fact is baggage comes in many forms , which can stem from the past be it when they were a child, raped, molested , or just abused . It is up to the dominant to open all her baggage so you know what your dealing with. Is this someone you want a relationship with, are you willing as a dominant to devote the time that is needed.

If your submissive was molested or raped at a young age , why would you use any form of humiliation, we are not there to humiliate, we are there to guide , form a relationship , build trust, and communicate.

We as the dominant can be in control with out being controlling. The biggest problem I see with other dominants is they seem to think they have to play that Dom card 24/7 , when in fact that is far from true. Once you gain that trust and respect , everything pretty much falls into place. Just a little day to day maintenance , along with communication.

Dinner is my communication time , all cell phones off , all ipads , computers , TV , this is our time. This is the time she can speak freely, her hour.

What is on her mind, her thoughts, concerns, how was her day. You can act like you care but actions show more than just speaking.

If she is seeing doctors for what ever reason if your able go with her, be supportive , help her with her goals.The lifestyle is just not about the pussy or tying her up, or humiliating, we are better than that, far better .

You can still be the dominant , without playing that card, after all she has put full trust in you, she has told you things she has not told her family, friends or doctors.

A submissive should be loved cherished , and cared for.  I remember my Ex who I speak of often, I use to bath her , and we would sit on the bed and talk while I brushed her hair, I would put lotion on her, and we would talk for hours before she feel asleep. Many a nights I would just lay and watch her sleep, I could see she was at peace she felt safe.

That is what we as dominants are about. The kink what ever it maybe is the cake. If your submissive or slave truly trust you, loves you , there is pretty much not anything she will not do, it is up to us not to cross that line, and we know what lines or buttons. Believe me she will respect you much much more , with you know what you can do, but you choose not to..

Because she will give and give and give, and if we just take and take and take, it will fail, and we have done much more damage.

Do you want to go through all there baggage, before you open make sure, if not hand it back and say thank you.



8 Responses to “Does your Submissive or Slave have personal Issues”

  1. oliviamar Says:

    Great post!

  2. This. I had what I thought was a loving and secure relationship with my Daddy…but he just recently backed away. It’s complicated as these things can be but I am so sad. I blindly trusted where I perhaps shouldn’t have. Your post is spot on.

    • Could you be more specific, maybe I can give you more insight….

      • Melissa Castleton Says:

        He was exhausted from it. Busy life, in another relationship. The thing is, I am too. But perhaps women are better at multitasking?

        • Let me get this straight , both of you were in other relationships, besides the two of you.
          Wow okay , I will never judge anyone, not my place.
          Yea I guess trying to juggle two relationships could be a task. I do not understand the need for more than one, though, unless your in a poly relationship, which at times can be somewhat difficult..
          Multitasking, if I really wanted to or put that much effort into something I might , but I like to concentrate on just one, take care of one. Just me…
          Thank you for following..

  3. Love what you said here…

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