Sometimes Being in The lifestyle Is Hard

I got back from Tennessee Today , went up to look at a house. I really liked it but the guy who owns it owes 50K more than it appraised for. Yea the housing market sucks today. So now I have to think do I like the house that much. It sits right on a river , and older cabin but real nice. 10 acres of land to boot. A lot of thinking.

Anyway While in pigeon Forge , I went to a night club which I rarely do , was just bored. After arriving I am sitting at the bar, drinking my jack and coke , I begin to look around and I do not fit in. The crowd is half my age, not that I really care , I was not there to socialize with anyone., I don’t even really like people.

Don’t get me wrong when I go to a munch I am friendly , and I try to talk to everyone , just not into having a lot of friends. I have about 6 people I am close to , a couple in Orlando , and another couple down south, I consider them to be very good friends, then a couple of submissives I know , I am very close to, but not in a D’s way.  I like things simple , no drama. More so if someone does not like me Fuckem. I guess in the lifestyle it runs about 50/50 .

Anyway So I am talking to the bartender , about the house I looked at , and I hear this voice , hey buy me a drink, I keep talking to james who now is loading my drinks up, and this voice buy me a drink. I turn around and look and I say go home to your Daddy. I continue my conversation with James , and a tap on my shoulder , are you serious ? This bitch just touched me , she does not know me from fucking adam and your going to touch me. So I turn and say Okay I was going to be polite, Please leave me the fuck alone. There you go polite.

She gets up and walks away, thank god , she is gone. Then James ask me Dude what is wrong with you. rapport with you lets don’t mess it up. He is like dude she is like 25 or 26 what are you doing ?

Well the truth is sex is the last thing on my mind , I spent most of the day with this relator , who was fucking trying to tell me what I wanted. Fuck me. Then I try to go fishing to relax, and I would pick a place where there is one guy who shows up who want to talk about Tnn football team.

Okay she wanted a drink, so I tell James to send her what ever she is drinking. James and I continue to talk , but I think he is only talking because of the tips I keep dropping , anyway he is not annoying .

The a tap on my shoulder, No fucking way this bitch touched me again, what the fuck is wrong with these people ? I know I sound like a total ass , but I am really not . Once you get to know me that is, I guess on first impressions I really suck., but I am just me, or maybe I seem cold because of all the ass’s Ive met through out my life.

So this girl is just rambling on like I am listening , and James is giving me these funny faces. She gets up and goes to the bathroom , James say dude that chick digs you. I said not she digs the drink I bought her.

I move to a booth thinking she will get the idea , um no she comes back and sits right next to me. She sticks out her hand and says I am Sandra , I say good for you. She ask what my name is , I am thinking why is this needed?

I say sandra what is your favorite band, she reply’s Sadus Hmmm who is another ? Exhorder, okay I am lost She ask me what my favorite band is I say Cinderella , that is an 80’s hair band for those of you who don’t know.. Shes says not a movie.

I say look sandra I am going to be upfront with you. You do not want any part of me , you do not want to know me , I am not nor will I ever be your type. Trust me when I say we have not one thing in common.

I suppose the average old man like me would jump all over her , really pretty, kinda of chunky but looks really good a very nice ass, if her shorts were any shorter her pussy lips would be showing..  Okay she is hot, very.

So she ask me why am I not your type ? Why don’t you like me ? I reply it is not that I don’t like you your very beautiful, your annoying but very beautiful.

So I say okay here is the deal sandra , I grab a handful of hair and I pull her close to me, and I whisper in her ear. I will put you on your hands and knees , tie your hands behind your back, put a ball gag in your mouth to shut you up, and fuck your ass so hard you will walk funny for a week. After I am done I will go shower, leaving you tied up, go outside and smoke a cig , come back in and face fuck your mouth until I cum and then hold your head and force you to swallow.Now if you want to go back to my hotel room we can, but I will be gone probably before you wake, and Ill leave cab fare on the dresser.

I let go of her hair and she just stares at me, I am reading my email now, waiting for a reply. About 5 minutes of total silence goes by , and she says I got to go, thanks for the drinks.

Okay I was honest and upfront , that is what we are all about right? Being truthful and upfront is what life is about. I am honest to a T , more so loyal.

Here is my problem , I cannot have what you call normal romantic sex unless I am really into you. I have tried a hundred times and it just does not work , I have met a couple of subs this yr who I was really really into , but things just didn’t work out, I have nothing bad to say about either.

I am not sure if something is wrong with me, or its just the sadist in me. Now I can see a sub who is into bondage, and enjoys being spanked , which is my specialty, and be somewhat rough, without bringing the sadist out , nothing long term, but I can.

Yes it is hard being in the lifestyle sometimes , more so being a sadist. It has been almost 3 years since my last long term relationship , in the last 6 months I have really started to look , ready to settle down.

The one mistake people make is settling for less , and I refuse too. Last I am happy right now for the time being , Everything always works out for the best , but being a sadist does make it hard at times to find a good partner, but life is good.



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  1. Welcome home

  2. Well that was weird to ask you to buy a drink. I can understand if you were blocking the way and she would of asked you to move for she could buy herself a drink.

    Well at least you were honest with her. LoL you should have looked at her face. I mean tell a girl that who is not into BDSM, the face has to be priceless.

    • Yes it was priceless the look of shock, but maybe she will be more careful . Walking up to a stranger is not good.
      Thanks for all the reading hope it helps your project

      • I like you, I mean as a friend and I do not like very many people, most people in the lifestyle do not allow others to use any of their material, hence privacy notice.

      • Im sure it will. I have came across some articles that Im planning to use as well for it. Its about women wanting to submit, if I can prove that the women want it to happen. And nothing is against their will then I stand a good chance. But what will be hard is to get the girls in the class to get that some women do want this and its all agreed on before.

        Yes that is not bright to go to a random guy. But she had more self control then I would. I mean if for some odd reason that would NEVER happen because I dont just hook up with a guy; but lets just say IF I would be so stupid to go to a random guy. If he would grab my hair I would pull the shit out of his and tell him he has five seconds to let go or I will bite the fuck out of him. But no worries because I dont do what she does. I hope she was not sober because then you can blame it on the drinks not her being stupid.

        • I am telling you, their are more girls in your class who are submissive or who think about it, and those who the strawberry sex sucks.
          I know what I am talking about.. The numbers are higher than you think Brit.

  3. Well that was one of the reason I brought it up to you. Im not going to use your personal stories but with me seeing that they are all wanting this. Then it is better proof then just an article in a magazine.

    Aw well thank you and I like you too as a friend. I dont normally dislike people, I try not to judge but Im not perfect. I mean your ok in my book 🙂

    • Okay lets do some math, out of 100 females, 25 are frigged, those are the ones who never masturbate, and are most happy in the missionary , wishing it was over, no foreplay at all..
      25 are are pleaser”s because they think it is
      expected .
      25 are pretty open minded and willing to try new things.
      12.5 have fantasy’s somewhat kinky and open to knew things, but they lack the communication with their partner, but they live it when they pleasure there selves.
      The other 12.5 half have acted on their fantasy’s , and experiment from time to time, then you have the submissives and slaves.
      The numbers could be higher depending on the geographical area.

    • You are correct in a way. But why be a submissive when a woman is taught not to put up with a man telling them what to do. Why men want a independent feminist woman because their not asking for this or that…they have their own money and make their own choices. But yet when they get what they want they say its like their manhood is taken away because she does not back down, she calls all the shots. If I work so hard to make it in a tough business why would I want to be submissive in my home. I read this actually and I do agree with. Its fear to be submissive, to be open and allow someone to know your every thoughts. To be a follower and not a leader. To let a man do for us, that is not what were taught. 58% of business CEO members are female. To me I think it is independent women who cut down BDSM down, because being submissive is something women dont want to actually do. Idk…Its complicated. But I do know I will never be a submissive. But thats just me, I dont think Im submissive.

      • It would be easier for me to seduce a female CEO, than a female who is a bank teller. The CEO needs a release. I dated a female CEO for a company called First Data many years ago. To some men the money would hurt their ego, those are the men who are insecure.
        It is not about giving orders, or bossing someone around, it is not about beating someone. It is about finding someone who has the same interest the same needs.
        Although the seduction part can be misleading, at first, but if the man is real and serious the relationship can grow.
        I stated before there are many different levels of BDSM, just like religion in the 60’s I am thinking there were about 60 different religions, today over 3000.
        Well BDSM has spread just the same.
        You can be a sadist and not be a dominant, or a dominant and not be a sadist.
        You can be a submissive and not be a masochist, or you can be. The term slave is not intended to humiliate, it shows the difference between the sub and slave. A submissive can impose many limits, while a slave may have a few but leaves it up to her owner.

        The seducing part is easy, the maintenance is not, hence the real and the fake.

      • Oh so like all the girls who wanted kinky sex because of 50 shades of grey are talked about it with the girls..what you think about that?

        • Some will talk, some use the book for pillow thoughts.
          It just came to me I have a few term papers a submissive did for her class, I will find the file tomorrow and forward it..
          Most of the time brit it is the quite girls. Maybe tomorrow ill share the seduction with you..

          • Haha yes girls will talk and I mean nothing ever hurt the girl in the book. Well at the end he liked to spank and she told him to do it like he would do with his old subs. Well he hit her to hard and after the 5th one she was crying but didnt use the safe word. So she booked it out of that room. That was the only time he hurt her really.

            But even dr’s were fighting about that book. Well that would be nice if it’s no trouble. But no rush since Im on break till aug.

  4. I do not use a safe word

    • Oooohhhh. But if a girl says stop Im sure you stop.

      Crazy how if a person writes about kinky sex its a big deal. Write about strawberry sex and its ok. Crazy people…sex is sex.

      • I can tell when to stop. No sex is just not sex. Every male is different, every female is different. I can make a woman cum without any penetration or even touching the clit.

        • Well I know everyone is diff but Im saying no matter how diff people are it is still sex. You may be having a diff kind of sex but it is still sex.

          Well I dont think you just standing their will make a woman reach her climax. You have to be doing something lol.

  5. Just a little touching and talking. That was that term paper I promised you

    • Well thank you very much…well women can get turned on more mental then visual. Well The only trick I can do is make someone blue lol. Hahaha

      • How does one make someone blue?

        • Like how to make a guy Blue? So what your telling me you never been blue…well that is good for you. Its not hard, very easy. Their is one way where it can be an accident like lets say your doing it but the girls phones ring. Its work you have to go in early…well you have to stop and get dress then comes the blue balls. Another way is kind of Just you talk dirty in a whisper in the ear, its in the kiss as well and you can throw in a full body massage.

  6. Well try to stop next time, u will get blue. Idk I heard it hurts because its cramps in the lower stomach. Its like getting kicked their over and over and over.

    Yes you have the guy lie down and tell him to close his eyes. You can give a massage and talk dirty or just talk dirty. You have your tricks and I have my tricks. Strawberry flavor girls have their own little tricks. Idk what its called its a little paper like thing you put it on your tongue to make your breath smell good. It turns you whole mouth cool and its a mint flavor. Well a girl can use that as a trick.

      • You prob dont know what Im talking about huh lol. You can buy it at a gas station.

        Oh and when we had a ‘fun party’ at the womans house who had sex in the grave, her. Well I made jello shots but since it was just girls, why would a guy come to a fun party anyways, me and Heather. Thats my brunette friend from the spider. We put the shots in condoms. Well I told her to buy the ones that dont have lube on it. Well she bought the ones that was for her pleasure, and when one girl took her shot. She said her tongue was numb…I learned dont send her to the store.

  7. Your future husband is a lucky dude

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