Submissive and Events

I believe that a Submissive needs interaction with the same, I believe a submissive should have friends be it other subs or vanilla, the girls night out.

It is very important in my eye to take her to lifestyle events be it the monthly munch or if you live in a big city chances are there are several a month. BDSM events such as fetish con. A huge exhibit , classes , demos , and just mingle with others alike.

A submissive needs someone she can relate to, someone on the same level. I do not have very many vanilla friends  because we have nothing in common , I mean they want to hear all the juicy stuff , but that is it.

I have a friend who has asked me repeatedly to send him pics of subs I see. Are you serious ? I say well send me pics of your wife , well of course he gets offended.

If you keep your submissive locked up inside 24/7 with the exception of going out to eat, or shopping, she will become lost , empty, depressed . The interaction with others is very important. They have questions they want to ask. What their life is like , there rules , how strict is there master. It is important for them to hang out with other subs , be it going to the mall , the movies or there own munch.

The submissive wants to be number 1 always , they want to know they are special in all ways, they want to know they are needed for something other than sessions or sex.

If your master does not attend munchs or events . I would ask why ? A submissive has rights , they have the right to ask questions , meet other in the lifestyle. I would have great concerns if your master refuses to take part .

How can you grow inside or out if your just used for play , it does not matter if your dominant happens to be married living with someone else. He has taking on the responsibility. He has agreed to be your dominant, on the other hand if your happy just spending time on your back , then I may be wrong.

I doubt it..



6 Responses to “Submissive and Events”

  1. I haven’t been to what you guys call an “event” in years, mostly due to some bad experience(s) I had when attend some. But that means I don’t have anyone else I can chat with who are not “vanilla”. My friends currently have no clue about my other life either.

    • We can chat anytime you would like , when going to events or what is called a munch , hook up with another submissive , she will point out the good and bad for you… In doms that is…
      Being married is really risky , some dominants can become very selfish when it comes to sharing.

      • I’ll take you up on that Vile, contact info on the Gravatar button thingy; not a clue what else to call it.
        Yip, I am aware that me being married is risk not only to me, husband and anyone else who does/doesn’t become involved.
        That is one decision I need to make but it is one of many decisions I need to make.

      • Just realised that could have been to forward calling you by your name, oops sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way and I offer my apologies if I have.

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