We are all Different

The BDSM lifestyle has many different levels , kinks , and fetishes. Everyone is different , everyone has different needs.

You can be a Sadist , but not Dominant , you can be dominant but not a sadist. The same with a submissive , your a sub but not a slave.

You can be a dominant and just have the personality , of a dominant , but in a relationship you really have no rules, Or you can be a dominant and have rules and enforce them, and that is what most submissives or slaves want , Structure. They need rules , guidelines .

I am a Dominant and sadist , I run a strict house based on rules and protocol. That is me , and I will not bend or change for anyone.

I use to not understand other Dominants , why they did certain things , they way they trained. The protocol , there rules, or there dress code for there property.

There are different levels of sadist , I know a few here in Florida I would not want to be locked up in the same room with. I know sadist and slaves who are into body modification. Yea not my thing.

I am not into the breaking of skin although sometimes it does happen by mistake my bad.

You can be a Masochist and not be a submissive or slave , or be a masochist and be either. Everyone is different.

So we as dominants and I say Dominant for now because I am single , so why would I call myself a master, who am I the master of, no one.

Why do we even need titles ? Master , Top , Domme , Mistress , Bottom and so on. I suppose the title thing comes in as a form of respect , Respect is earned , you cannot demand someone respect you .

So everyone being different , it is not my place to say or have an opinion on how Master Steve runs his house , or how Mistress Jane runs her house , or judge them , its just not my place.

I am sure there are many who do not agree with me. Spend a week with me and you will find out if you are truly a submissive or slave.I can guarantee that. I run a very strict house based on rules and protocols, I enforce rules and protocol when broken. It is my way , that is the only way.

My way may not be your way, I am not going to force anything on you, because prior to entering the relationship, we lay everything out on the table , what we both expect and need out of the relationship. It is not about abuse.

Let me clear something up right fast , when I say my way or no way I do mean that , but as everyone knows the ground work for a D’s relationship is communication. The slave or submissive has the right to express there feelings at anytime , in a respectful way. I will listen , and take what you have to say into consideration, after all you the sub or slave is what counts.

You cannot live master and slave 24 / 7 there is noway. You have to be a normal couple at times , joking laughing , general conversation, going out to the movies or out to eat. but both are still in that frame of mind.

I do not claim to know everything , so a problem might arise and I need to confide in someone , who is that going to be if it is a family problem I turn to my girl, we sit and discuss and we solve together. We work as a team . We trust each other , we depend on each other. That is what we do, that is how we make the relationship work.

If there  is a problem within the relationship , I may turn to another dominant for advice , or if there is something I want to try as far as play , and I have never done it , I may turn to another Dom. Show me how to do this .

Being a Submissive or Slave does not make you weak , or worthless. Both are very strong , mind and body and soul, both should be cherished and cared for. Both should come first no matter what.

So instead of judging or criticizing someone because of how they are or the rules they enforce. Try to understand , ask questions. All of our needs are different..



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