My Attraction to Asian Women

I really cannot explain my attraction to Asian women , maybe just the BDSM side of it. I spent a total of 3 years in Korea while in the army , that was my real first experience with BDSM i was 18 very young.  Since then I have been to the Philippines a couple of times , Thailand , Cambodia . All BDSM related , I was thinking of a trip to Japan but I want to keep all my hair so that will have to wait. Okay bad joke.

Out of all the countries I found Thailand to be more active in the lifestyle , I do not believe that Asian women are more subservient than American women or anybody else for that matter. I think for many men dominant or not it is more of just a fetish.

While in Thailand I did not stay in Bangkok , I was several hours away up on the Burmese border ,Ayutthaya the city and country are very beautiful.

Although I did pick a girl up in a club she was not a typical bar girl. She worked in a jewelery factory. I rented a house for 30 days , After work everyday she would come over . We had some very intense sessions while there, really incredible. Ive been back twice spent time with the same girl , and had really thought about a relationship , but she wanted me to move there, she did not want to come to the states.

I think if you were going to marry an Asian their would be a few draw backs , one you could not talk about old times, music , or even really joke around with.

If you plan a trip to Thailand I do not recommend staying in Bangkok , although cowboy street is really pretty wild. The Philippines I would stay out of Manila , or Angeles you can find a good cab driver and he can find pretty much anything your looking for , a couple of hundred and he will be your transportation, while your staying there.

Maybe it is their  hair , or maybe their eyes, skin I am not sure , maybe just a fetish. To me all women are beautiful in their own way..



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