Daddy’s Baby Girl

This type of relationship is very special , and runs very deep . In the BDSM world it is probable one of the most special relationships there is. Although there are different types of discipline , this relationship very seldom involves any type of real pain.

The relationship has nothing to do with incest as most in the vanilla world would think , even if you try and explain the dynamics of it , some still consider it to be sick.

I was in a Daddy relationship for 5 years , although I enjoyed it , it required a great deal of time , dedication , and a close watchful eye.

Some in the community use this as a type of play , then there are those who live it 24 /7 . The baby girl usually picks an age she is comfortable with and assumes that role in life when around her daddy.

My relationship did not start out as a daddy and baby girl , it took sometime for her to be able to open up , and express her true feelings and needs. I believe any type of dominant if he truly cares , could and should be willing to come to an agreement . After all all dominant want the best for there submissive.

My relationship was pretty intense , not in the beginning , but the more she was able to open up the more I understood her , this was a big part she had missed growing up.

I would bath her at night , and we would talk , if I said something funny she would giggle. I would brush her hair , and I put a TV in the bedroom which I had never done before. At night I would hold her and feed her a bottle until she fell a sleep. I had to put a night lite in the bedroom as well.

I would take her shopping , to get her nails done , I would cut up her food , and once she started going to college I would even help with her homework.

Very intense , a really incredible relationship , and a true bond between the two. There is nothing like it.

I found this story and wanted to share it, there is a lot of good information…. Enjoy.

He is called Daddy and she loves sitting on his lap. She is his little girl and she loves the fact that her daddy will take care of her and will make sure that she stays a good little girl. She is not under 16, 17, or even 18. She is a fully-grown woman, consenting to a dynamic where her dominant takes the position of a father figure with some additional benefits. They are not really father and daughter either, so there is no incest. They are not breaking the law. They are simply living their truth. She can continue to be her little girl. She can run around like a teenager and be irresponsible sometimes. She knows she will be punished, but she knows that her daddy will not hold it against her either.

The daddy figure commands and earns the respect of his little girl and they have a dominant/ submissive type arrangement too. These are not typical sadists or masochists. There will be a fair amount of spanking, paddling or flogging, but you would not find a lot of hard-core pain play in this group. There will be a bigger focus on sexual intimacy though and terms for this are different from the rest of the BDSM world. The genitalia will be named as if this really were a little girl and her daddy will call her all the other names that other dominants use for their submissives.

Although the average age of age players would be 10 to 14 in their “role”, there are also prepubescent girls and “babies” in these relationships. A daddy might want a “baby” and his little girl (of 20 and upwards) would be the baby for him. She would wear diapers and be fed like a baby would be. It is a different type of fetish, as not all people would really get this type of play. There are those in the lifestyle who confuse this type of relationship with the things mentioned earlier in the article as well. It has been proven over and over again that this little understood dynamic is actually a way of nurturance and accepting love and care from another who is dominant and has everything daddy never did, even if there always was a daddy fantasy.

These submissives are often the little princesses too, the ones who get to be Hannah Montana for the rest of their lives and who get the adult privileges of being sexually active with someone who loves them, fulfills their need to be controlled and all their other fetishes. They are the ones that are cherished beyond compare and that could get away with that cute little smile. Their submission is a gift to those daddy doms lucky enough to have found their girls. This is not like the harsher master and slave dynamic where the slave could never try to force the fact that their being there is a gift.

It is a beautiful thing to behold though as little girls are often dressed as little girls. I have seen little Alice in Wonderland, bows, lace and frilly pink dresses. I have seen cute cotton underwear and women free enough and confident enough to just be that perpetual girl. It is a delight to see them kneel when they have misbehaved and to see the genuine concern when their daddy is upset. Little girls often get to sit in a corner and think about what they did wrong before daddy spanks them. There is a lot of guidance from the daddy doms for their little girls and one gets the feeling that this is perhaps the category of dominant that could be classified as the gentlest dom around. Daddies are often a wellspring of information for their little girls and would give information and training on other things such as career advice or money matters as well. Lessons learned are also reinforced with rewards the next time the little girl succeeds in handling a difficult situation at work or at home. It is all about teaching the so-called little girl about life and how to live it responsibly while allowing her to feel safe in little girl space when she needs it.

It may not be your thing and it might be difficult to understand that anyone could envision sleeping with “daddy”, but it also leads to a healthy outlet for people who do have fantasies about this. Daddy is not daddy then and the little girl is not the teen next door. It all seems a lot more acceptable then as two consenting adults agree to play out their fantasy with each other.



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