Why Safe Words

When we play at times it can get intense , I know after some sessions I am really pretty worn out , not in just the physical but mental as well. Ooops I forgot about the submissive okay she is pretty worn out as well.

If I am in a steady relationship I do not use safe words , why would I , I am a sadist . The difference being I have about 20 yrs under my belt. Also while playing I am in constant communication with the submissive . How are they ? What are they feeling as if I cannot guess, but seriously , it is up to the dominant or domme to insure the safety of the one we are playing with.

If someone is new I give out three colors the basic Green , Yellow , and of course Red.

Green is at a point where they are liking what your doing the impact is not to intense, a lot of pleasure. Two thing are important while in a session , communication , and some good BDSM music at a low level. This helps take the submissives mind off of there surroundings , and allows them to some what let go. I like metalica , and Night Wish .

Yellow there is still pleasure but it is getting intense , remember communication is the key , we need to know what is going on in there head. Although we are here for our pleasure , we want to bring the submissive pleasure as well.

Red means stop they can no longer take it, the level of play is to much STOP means STOP . At this point the play comes to a halt, if there bound , you untie , this is where after care comes in .

After care should be used after every session but more so when the color red is called , you want to hold and talk to. Get the submissive to talk , this may take a while , due to the level of play or maybe a limit was pushed. You want the submissive to feel safe and secure.

Safe Sane , and Consensual three words the dom or domme should never forget.

There are those who give dominants and dommes a bad name though , because they tell the submissive it is okay to use safe words but when it is called they ignore it and just continue with what they are doing.

When it is all said and done if you are hurt in anyway go to the hospital ASAP , call the police and file a report. There are way to many predators and abusers out there. It could of been a lot worse.

A submissive I see from time to time , informed me she met a so called Dom off of CL and she met him at his door blindfolded , she took a beating , but was afraid to tell anyone.

Ahh I left out something , what if you are using the almighty ball gag during play. You need to work out a code either with the hands or eyes. In this case it is important to really pay attention to what you are doing…

Much Love.. and Play Safe.



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  1. My Daddy gave me a safe word, but I never quite feel like it’s proper to use it. Something in me says that if I were to use the safe word it would be the same as saying I didn’t trust him.
    Side note, when gagged and bound something like holding an object in your hand and releasing it could serve as the safe ‘action.’ đŸ™‚

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