Do people really still believe in love

Seriously people still talk about love , give me a break . Love has all but flown out of the window in today’s times. We have become a disposable  society in every aspect of life . We set and wait like a snake getting ready to strike , if we have the first inclination that what is behind door number two is better than what we have.

What is adventitious to us today is most likely not be tomorrow. This goes for men and women. In the process of the hunt we settle for less , until we see greener pastures , then we jump the fence.

Your always wondering in the back of your mind who is he fucking or who is she fucking. Look around.

Our feelings as human beings count as nothing anymore , most people would rather step over your body while walking to the store than to bend down to see if your okay.

Loyalty is all but gone , with being loyal no longer in the picture , we lose the trust. Think about it , who do you really trust ?

I am not angry or bitter I am just stating facts it is not hard to look around and see where our morals , and family values have gone.

In today’s times you cannot put the same family under a roof and expect everyone to get along , it most cases it will rip a family apart.

There is no such thing as love anymore

That is why today I choose to be alone, I trust myself. I love me.

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  1. oliviamar Says:

    What you wrote here is so true, sadly. : (

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