Anal Sex

To me Anal Sex is probably the most submissive act a submissive can do. Although at times we do want the submissive to gain some pleasure do we not ? Well okay not all the time , after all the bottom line is it is really about us the Dominant.

As with anything though there is a correct way and a wrong way just like fisting , when it comes to fisting most just add a little lube and try to shove there hand in , the same with anal a little lube or no lube at all and just shove your cock in.

If you talk to a lot of vanilla women they will tell you anal sex is just that a sex act nothing more , most only do it so the man will shut up and get it over with`.

So here is my thoughts , just like spanking I really get off on spanking , but if the partner I am with is not getting anything out of it , then I get nothing , the same with bondage.

The easiest way for someone who has never tried anal sex is laying on there side , the submissive is able to relax more in that position , lots of lube , I prefer a lube called WET washes off really easy .

After your all lubed you just don’t ram it in slide the head of your cock in let her get the feel of it , talk to her make her feel relaxed , when your ready have her back up , let her take the role of letting it slide in.

Once in just hold it for a couple of minutes let her get use to the feeling , let the pain subside. Once she is relaxed start moving slow , long and slow strokes reaching around and playing with her clit , this will take her mind off of having a huge object in her ass. The first couple of times you should take it easy allowing her to get the feeling .

I myself prefer doggy style I like watching my cock slide in and out , I find it truly erotic, but then again just about anything is erotic to me . Doggy style I can take control , I can position her ass to the height I want , spank if I want. While grabbing a hand full of hair holding her in place…

Yes I love anal sex…..



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  1. There is a tip I got told about which you haven’t included in this.

    When the tip if the penis is at the sphincter push like you want to a poo, this will open up the inner sphincter allowing for easier and less painful penetration.

    Seems to work for plugs

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