Your Mentor

A mentor can be very important in a slave or submissives life, maybe your knew to the lifestyle , or just out of a bad relationship.

Your mentor is there for advice nothing more , the mentor is there to insure your on the right track in your life , and you are making the right steps.

One thing that bothers is me a lot of mentors see this as easy sex , or they think this is part of the role.

Well it is not , there should never be any sex between the two , none. This can cause more damage to the submissive and make it much harder for them to get back on there feet. If you are seeing a mentor and it seems more about sex drop them.

My advice to females find a submissive mentor unless you really trust the Dominant your talking to, but a submissive will relate to you better in a lot of ways, unless you just really need that male figure around.

A real mentor is there to talk to, understand you , make you see things a different way , maybe they will give you small task to keep you busy , but never at no time should one spread , it is just wrong.



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  1. I have been actively looking for a mentor over several months, but actually I had (and still have) no clue where to start. Online doesn’t seem too safe to me, and it seems there are no “BDSM hotspots” in my neighborhood…
    Any tips?

  2. If I am not mistaken you are in Belgium , I would think that that would be like one of the BDSM capitals although I could be wrong. I know Germany was pretty kick ass as far as the lifestyle goes I had a lot of fun there.
    Online can be safe , you just have to be willing to get to know someone.
    You can tell if someone is real or not just after the first few conversations or email. Becoming friends is the most important thing , sex should rarely come up although it will at some point and time…
    Why do you feel you need a mentor at this point in your life

  3. I too are looking for a mentor, but I would prefer one online rather than going clubs and such.

  4. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate the time you took. Looking at Fetlife now.

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