Why share

This is something I do not understand , maybe I am old school, or maybe I am close minded and I am not willing to look at the whole picture.

I am a one on one Dominant single at the moment my choice I just want to chill for a while. I do see a couple of submissives dates and some play nothing serious though.

The part that I do not agree with is sharing your property, watching some other guy band your bitch. I mean seriously , you care for your sub or slave maybe even love , so why would you want to share.

Is this an ego thing maybe the dominant has this much control over his property , sharing the bitch your sleeping with at home.

Now me I like eating pussy to much to allow some dude condom or not , to bang my girl. I just cannot see it.

Maybe just maybe if it was something the sub or slave truly needed and could tell me what the need was I would consider it, but just to pass them around like a bag of candy I think not.

I have lived in a triad before one sub missive and one slave for 3 yrs , it is not what most guys or doms think.  First off there has to be a number one there has to be no exceptions. The other has to know who is number one and will stay number one.

The number two is always plotting against the other thinking she will become the one , but you have to stand firm. Would I do it again probably not , way to much work.

Back to the sharing I was at a play party a year or so ago and this dude was passing around his girl like she was just a piece of meat , you could tell she was a wreck almost in tears. So I said something it was stopped , I just do not get it….



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  1. I also thought that I always wanted a poly relationship only to find out that once I had it I became so obsessed over the third that I lost sight of my married relationship. Not only was this a bad way to go but it nearly cost me my marriage.

    I now say be very careful with your fantasies because in a lot of cases it could ruin what you have for good. As they say the grass is never greener on the other side.

    • Yes it took me a long time not to let my feelings get in the way. That can be a big down fall. All to many times we let our emotions and feeling make out mind murky unable to think clearly or carry through with punishment when needed I am sure you have seen this as well.
      The truth is Poly seldom works , even worse if you are married. Some think it is cold the way I think but letting your feeling guide you is a huge mistake in some areas.
      Although poly can work if the number two is for service domestic service that is , not sexual.
      Just my thoughts.

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