The Female Body

Is so erotic , beautiful , the touch, the smell , the feel. It gives so much pleasure . The look before the kiss , there is no other, the way it trembles under your touch , being able to make her wet , only allowing her to cum when you want or maybe denying her the right to cum. Making her beg to cum, only to be able to walk away. Yes the female body is erotic..

Every body is different we are not looking for perfection , every female is unique in her own way each has there own talent , This kiss is different , there touch , there breast , the neck , it is true every female is very special , there cravings are different, there fetishes are different , the way each one sucks cock, the way there pussy wraps around your cock once in her. yes erotic and she should be cherished.

The taste , every clit is different , the lips are different , the way she moves her hips as your eating her out , tying  her down spread eagle , she cannot move , her body in under your control , the feel of the breast , the nipples,

The female body is truly erotic…



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