Living Poly

Poly is perhaps one of the toughest relationships to live. At first it seems like every mans fantasy , but in my eyes your setting yourself up for doom. Although it does go well for about the first 3 months maybe six .

It is hard for the dominant to maintain control over both , although there is a number one, and this has to be made clear at the beginning of the relationship . Both the Dominant and his submissive have to sit down with the third and work out all the details before hand , you are a third and will always be the third , I know it sounds cruel , but this is the way it has to be. The third has to know there is a pecking order they have to follow.

Even harder the dominant has to treat both equal at all times , if the two submissives argue the dominant has to stay out of it he cannot take sides.

He has to be able to recognize when one is playing against the other , and put a stop to it , before it gets out of hand. The dominant has to make time everyday to set both of his down and talk , hash out any problems , concerns , this is not a bitching session. Both also has to know it is his way or noway , he is the one who makes the rules , it is the submissives who follow.

Many times though it is not the submissive who wishes for this lifestyle but she will comply to keep her dominant happy , in fear of loosing what she has. She will give in , and act like everything is okay , but the truth is, it is not okay, this can make her grow resentful , a deep anger inside that is just smoldering , this is not good. The dominant has to spend a great deal of time , talking about her concerns. being able to set her worries aside.

What is really fucked up , when a dominant wants to try and live the poly lifestyle , he will hand the job over to the submissive in the search for one. Use the submissive as a pawn if you will. After all it is easier for a sub to find another sub than it is a dom don’t you think.  Shame on the Dominant that works this way, he wants the extra pussy let him find her , let him do all the leg work. I can tell you from experience poly seldom works.

Once you think you have found your match , do not rush into a live in situation, take it slow. It is the two submissives who must get along , like best friends sisters so to speak. Go shopping to the movies , out to lunch , let the two work things out. At this point the dominant should not even try to step in, the two will decide if and when they are ready. At this time the three sit down and work everything out. The rules Protocols what is expected of the third , what the three of you hope to get out of the relationship.

It can be done , I have seen it done. To this day I cannot explain why I wanted to live poly , would I do it again ? I think not.

You can make your submissive very lonely. Lost.



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  1. It sounds so difficult to manage this….

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