A Master is Accused of killing his wife

This is from Dateline MSNBC May 11 2012

For what ever reason I could not get the video to transfer just copy and paste the links.

Dateline had him guilty because of his lifestyle..



3 Responses to “A Master is Accused of killing his wife”

  1. I don’t understand… Did they catch a guy who admitted the murder, and still continued the investigation?

    • There was a man who turned himself in and said that her husband had helped him kill her.
      I am sure the rest of the story will come out. They never looked at the husband until they found out he was into BDSM , and now he is the evil one. It also came out that he was having an affair, which will probably come out his wife knew about the other woman.
      Men who are Dominants and married seldom hide things from there spouse who I am guessing was his submissive..
      I will follow up on the story and let you know

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