Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation can be fun and erotic. This practice I believe is for a couple who has been in a relationship for sometime, because the trust is there. It can also be used as a training process, and some believe it can be used as a method for healing. I have different views on the last.

I use this as a form of erotic play, it also makes it easier for the submissive to reach sub-space, I will give you the setting I use..

First the setting, I light several different scented candles, I do the same thing with incense. I set up CD players I have 3, one player I put in some light Jazz, the second Metallica, then I like a lot of Goth music, Night Wish, all these are turned down to a low level.

You take your submissive and blindfold her, after I place the blindfold on I use clear body tape, to wrap around the blindfold to hold it in place, making it completely dark.

You place her on the bed, cuffing her hands , I put the butterfly vibrator on her, and turn it on low. I then bend her knees and tie her feet, this allows you to move her legs, but she still cannot get lose.

At this time her mind is trying to process everything that is going on, the music, the smell of the candles, and incense. I then place clamps on her nipples. I like to use the tens unit for play, not torture. I take the unit out, I place one pad right above the clit, and another pad right above the butt bone where the spine ends, and turn it on very low. Here is the surprise, this will make the keagle  muscle contract like a vibrator. Ive been told the feeling is unreal.

At this point her mind is going a hundred miles an hour. At this point I insert a small anal vibrator turn it on low. The whole time now your talking to her,at a low tone, just so she can hear you, nice and calm.

I then place ice between the breast, you can watch the nipples grow, then I light a candle, and begin to drip wax at different areas of her body, still talking to her, and caressing her body with the other hand.

By this time her body is shaking, she cannot take in all the information her brain is trying to process. At this point you can pretty much do what ever you want. I pull the butterfly vibrator off, crawl between her legs and slowly fuck her, an awesome feeling.


This is another article I found on the subject I wanted to share.

Sensory deprivation is a form of play used in BDSM to take a submissive or bottom to new heights. It is exactly what it says and aims to explore the way a human being reacts when all or most of its senses are taken from them. Sensory deprivation has also been used in alternative medicines and psychological experiments specifically using what is called an isolation tank. Sessions in these tanks are typically never longer than an hour as prolonged exposure to this could lead to hallucinations, anxiety and sometimes even depression, while the shorter periods of less than an hour has often been used quite successfully for prayer or meditation.


There are several forms of sensory deprivation that have been used in interrogation centers that have been adapted by the BDSM community. It should be noted that these practices are no longer used in a majority of centers and that use of it in BDSM is strictly consensual and will end when a safe word is called. No scene is ever intended to hurt or harm the submissive.

The five techniques mentioned in the above link was known as (and I quote):

(a) Wall-standing: forcing the detainees to remain for periods of some hours in a “stress position”, described by those who underwent it as being “spread-eagled against the wall, with their fingers put high above the head against the wall, the legs spread apart and the feet back, causing them to stand on their toes with the weight of the body mainly on the fingers”;

(b) Hooding: putting a black or navy colored bag over the detainees’ heads and, at least initially, keeping it there all the time except during interrogation;

(c) Subjection to noise: pending their interrogations, holding the detainees in a room where there was a continuous loud and hissing noise;

(d) Deprivation of sleep: pending their interrogations, depriving the detainees of sleep;

(e) Deprivation of food and drink: subjecting the detainees to a reduced diet during their stay at the centre and pending interrogations.

The first one is used during training to ensure that the slave or submissive knows who is in control. The slave or submissive will not be allowed to move from their toes until the dominant is satisfied that the slave or submissive will obey any command given despite the pain and discomfort of the position. The submissive shows their absolute commitment and will to submit by passing this test. It is also a position used in play to build anticipation while the dominant gets ready and sets out all the toys to be used. Sometimes the dominant will even use this position to tie the submissive in what is called “predicament bondage”, but that is a subject for another article.

Hooding is another very effective tool in domination and can be used in “mock kidnappings” or “interrogation scenes”. The submissive cannot see and the hood is not removed for long periods of time. The skin and the other available senses compensate for this loss of sight and become a hundred times more sensitive. This leads to sensory overload even with the lightest touch.

Subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, food and drinks are techniques I have seen used in mock interrogations and also during the training stages of submissives or slaves in some dominant’s households. They are effective methods of training but are not generally used in play as much. Any time someone chooses to use these techniques it is monitored stringently and any negative reactions causes play to stop. The idea is not to break someone down in order to break him or her psychologically, but to provide a safe environment in which these techniques could be used to heighten a sexual or sensual experience. Both parties want this or it does not happen.

The above five techniques are more edgy in some ways than most BDSM practitioners would engage in. Earplugs, gags and blindfolds are often the only things used to ensure that a submissive cannot hear, see or speak during a scene. The submissive could be tied up during this as well so one cannot move around or move away from whatever is happening. Why this is so effective is because the submissive tends to rely on hearing a lot when play is underway and he or she is blindfolded. The sounds become more pronounced and one can actually distinguish where the Dominant is and what they are doing based on how well one knows the sound of toys and other things a dominant could be doing. It is a wonderful experience to find one’s hearing so acute and it builds anticipation more than anything else in my experience. When one’s hearing is taken away, the skin becomes even more receptive to touch and a fingernail touching the skin can lead to an orgasm.

Clearly the idea is to give to each other an experience based on fantasy that will be more memorable and more sensually explosive. There is no abuse or torture here that either party does not want.

Sensory deprivation can also be a very spiritual experience when the physical senses no longer dominate the mind and you can drift from beta to theta, which is the state just before falling asleep or just after waking up, before all the outside stimuli start bombarding you. It is so relaxing that prayer and meditation happens naturally and nothing distracts one from it. It is in this space that a body and mind can heal from past hurts and thus it can be used in a very positive sense as well without any of the “torture” aspects we discussed previously.



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