Discipline Why it is Needed

Discipline and control are two words that have a huge bearing on a D/s dynamic – the two are the basic elements for the success of the relationship between a Dom and a sub.



If we think about a horse and rider in the dressage arena, executing the beautiful, fluid movements that make up the test, we can see a perfect example of what discipline and control can produce between two living beings.

There has to be complete communication between the horse and rider, which can only be achieved by total discipline and control. The horse must submit to the rider – it must accept the discipline needed to learn the test, and it must be controlled in order to complete the test.

When a dressage test is executed correctly, there should be no obvious movements from the rider – only smooth and co-originated changes in gait, as horse and rider move through the test together.  Therefore, when discipline and control are used correctly in the dynamics between the horse and rider, they become one entity, one being, and not two separate bodies.


We can see that discipline is very strongly connected to control. Is it possible to have one without the other?

Not really, because the control is needed to enforce the discipline.

In a D/s relationship, discipline and control are essential elements, the control is the basis for the relationship, and the discipline is needed in order for the sub to learn the correct behavior.


What does “discipline” really mean? The dictionary defines discipline in several different ways:

           * To train by instruction and practice,

           * Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training.

           * Control obtained by enforcing a compliance or order.

           * To teach to obey rules or accept authority

           * To produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

           * A state of order based on submission to rules and authority – for example – a teacher who demands discipline in the classroom.

 *A punishment intended to correct or train – to enforce obedience.


The word, in simple terms, means to teach or train another being to follow a particular way, and to enforce that training, to ensure obedience.


We know that control means to exert an influence over something or someone, so how do discipline and control fit into a D/s relationship?

The sub needs the discipline and control in her life in order to obey – she needs to know the rules, learn the behaviour and accept that there will be consequences if she is disobedient.

How does a sub learn what is expected? Through discipline and control, and, just like the horse and rider competing in the dressage arena, when the discipline and control given by the Master is accepted by the sub, the relationship between the two runs smoothly. Eventually, the sub knows what is expected of her in any given situation and she will behave accordingly. She has learned her lessons through discipline, and because of the control her Master has, to enforce those lessons.

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  1. Your great photos add a lot….

  2. I love the female body Theo it is erotic in every sense, different the shape, the touch the smell , the tightness. The way a female looks at you eye to eye, there kiss, everything about the female body is erotic. The way you can touch them and make then quiver , feeling them get wet, knowing that you have the control of making them cum , or denying there right to cum.

    So Theo every photo I choose tells a story if you look mostly black and white color take so much out of a photo. The story, be it happy , sad, or deep in thought, content .

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