Please Fix Me

I run into this many many times , I am not sure what goes through the mind of a submissive or slave and there is no quick fix.

About 6 months ago I met a submissive who live just outside of  Orlando , very nice , she is attractive around 52. She seemed to be settled in life and knew what she was looking for , after spending a little time talking to her I knew she was real inside and out.

Here is where the problems began , her health , she was a little over weight but carried it well , but her weight problem was due to a thyroid problem she needed to have surgery but for what ever reason she had just put it off , as we continued to talk she explained there were certain positions she could not get into because she had a partially blocked vain in her leg , she had a stint put in a couple of years ago and there was a small blockage , yes she needed surgery .

I do not have a foot fetish , but that is one of the first things I look at on a woman , this tells you how well she takes care of herself , finger nails as well. eye brows , and so on.

About 3 months into the friendship she asked me if I was interested in the possibility of a relationship . I told her I thought we were better of as friends. She asked why I was not interested in her as far as a relationship goes.

I explained that she had some health issues , that needed to be taking care of , and here is my thoughts on this. How can one begin to think they can serve someone , if they cannot even take care of there own needs. Second why would you want to bring someone into a relationship with so much going on ?

Her answer was , I am not motivated , I need to be pushed , I have no self will. I need to be told what to do. Are you serious ?

So you want me to just waltz in and fix you. You want me to make you go to the doctor, make you exercise , make you get a pedicure . To make it worse she is telling me all this with a straight face. I was dumbfounded .

The truth is this is not uncommon , it is okay to be dependent upon your master , it is okay to be needy , under the right circumstances it is okay to give up total control , but to just let your health go down hill waiting on someone to fix you.

Please do not take me wrong , if I were in a relationship and health problems arise that is totally different. In a relationship a Dominant is responsible for there health , caring for , taking care of . It is what we do.

To this day she does not fully understand , my reasoning behind my thoughts . She really thinks I am a dick, but you know I can live with that..

What really pulled the plug is she made a statement well your probably prefer someone younger than me . My reply was , as a matter of fact yes I do . It just seems I get along with someone who is younger , I really cant put a finger on why , it is just what I am attracted to.

Anyway we are still friends , she has been seeing doctors to get her health back in order. a slow process .

Fix me are you serious….



5 Responses to “Please Fix Me”

  1. Ugh…I wrote a post tonight about my journey w/MS and posted pictures of bruising from surgery that took place last Friday. I obviously can’t speak for this woman,but I know I’ve been trying to get this surgery for 9yrs. I don’t expect or want anyone to fix me, but I know that in my case it would be nice to have encouragement along the way.

    • I am glad you were able to finely get your surgery , even more since you had been trying to have it done , and not ignoring it.
      What I was speaking of she made it clear that she was looking for someone to take control , and force her to do things. She wanted to be walked hand in hand having no self motivation .
      This is not fair to a dominant , or at least I would not think so going into a new relationship.

      I hope you are doing well…

  2. I agree. It’s one thing for a Dom to provide motivation, but it’s important for a sub to be able to motivate themselves to a certain degree.

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