Where I got the name Vile

While stationed in Germany in the mid 80’s I was I was in my early 20’s and running wild. It did not take me long to find a lot of the kinky clubs. Lord have mercy I was wild then.

I started seeing this little German girl she was not a 100 lbs soaking wet , for two years we were like peanut butter and jelly.  Back in the day it was the goth look then. wow

We went out for about a month and I still have not made my way into her panties , not due to the lack of me not trying.

I was out in the field for 6 weeks during Nov and Dec wow fucking cold, snowed everyday. So we are rolling back into our compound , we approach the gate and there she is Gretchen purple hair with streaks of black, knee high boots torn thigh highs , wow fuck me man .

It took us about 3 hrs to clean everything and put it up had to shower , was beat but it did not matter I had 3 days off.

I walked out to the gate and there she stood , that bitch stood there for 4 hours un fucking real. we hailed a cab which are Mercedes in Germany. I want to hit the club but no we went to her place, she cooked which really surprised me. After we started drinking a little , she got up and left when she came back in she was naked.

Um yea okay she said do what you want, here we go the ass fetish, so I get up walk over and I pick her up carrying her to her bedroom and I sit on the bed laying her across my lap , looking up and down going out of my mind , so I began to spank lightly one cheek then the other , i took my right hand and slid two finger into her pussy still spanking , then I slid my thumb deep in her ass pushing as far in as it would go , still spanking her with the other hand she turned around and said your so Schlecht I said what she said nasty, um  vile. Vile hmm I never looked at it that way.

Where ever we went when she would introduce me to others she would say this is schlecht Vile. Even infront of my friends she would call me Vile and it just stuck with me..


4 Responses to “Where I got the name Vile”

  1. That’s a seriously awesome way to get a nickname…

  2. Thats love 🙂 That girl is lucky, Schlecht.

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