Why Do We Judge

This really blows me away and I want to share a little , okay perhaps vent s little.

I was in a long term relationship with a slave for 7 yrs , when it ended I was heart broken , but my point is I run a very strict house , not controlling , I am in control of myself and my surroundings . I have zero drama and the same with problems , although there are time problems may arise due to some unknown reason, but it gets handled .

Although we had a very loving relationship , she knew her place . Everyday I was met at the door and she was in the kneeling position. This is what she wanted . She needed rules , she needed guidelines , she needed protocol. This was her , for sometime it was micromanagement , which after a year I came to the conclusion that it was unhealthy for her. The relationship was not based on sex , it was based on friendship , love and communication.

It was my fault in the end the relationship failed , It was me and only me , I have no one else to blame.

This goes for both sides Dominant and submissive or slave , if either sees a communication breakdown it should be brought up. Just like working a job after so many years we get lax in our work , become to comfortable in our work let things slide , look for short cuts .. You know this is true everybody has done it at some point..

So back to my fault , I had a communication breakdown , I let my love interfere in punishment , because I no longer wanted to hurt her in that way.

What happens now you ask ? The dominant begins to lose control, he begins to lose respect. Because he is not who he was , at this point love has nothing to do with it , because the dom is no longer fulfilling the need. Once you lose this control it is almost impossible to regain , after that point it is like a truck spinning out in the rain .

We went to an event one night in orlando , she was very quite and shy and really did not like to associate with others , so this night was high protocol , speak to no one , unless directed by me, this was her comfort zone , not mine. Before the speaker started we were eating and talking I was turned around talking to someone else and another dom started speaking to my slave, she did not respond this went on for several minutes , and he tapped me on my shoulder and asked why she was not talking. I stated it was the protocol state she was in no communication.

Wow the fireworks began , he asked me what my problem was that was noway to treat a submissive, I said okay she is not a submissive she is a slave , my slave. He said that was pure abuse I had no idea what I was doing, I was not real, I was insecure .

Wow really , you really think that. Where is your bitch almighty master , where is your slave ? So assuming something when you have no idea what is going on.

This was our relationship , these are things she requested when we first met , these were things she needed , not wanted .

You will never hear me speak bad about another Dominant a Domme about there treatment , there training , they way there sub or slave is to dress. It is not my place .

Fuck you cannot even put 6 dominants in a room and get them to agree on the weather, more so you cannot put one dominant in a room with one mistress that would be a no no I think..

My vent for the day…

Image Never Judge someone else in the lifestyle, question them but never judge.


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