The Art Of Spanking

My Favorite thing to do when it comes to play. I never use spanking as a form of punishment . Two reasons One I love it I mean LOVE , two if you use it for play and punishment it can also confuse. This is not what we are trying to obtain in our goals set for our pets , but again everyone has there own method ..

I am highly fascinated with the female ass , what is better every ass is shaped different , a different feeling , whew .

Spanking is just not spanking be it with bare hand which I prefer , with a flogger , belt cane what ever, there is a right and wrong way during play. During play we as Dominant or Dommes are trying to bring ours to that space , that feeling of total freedom. Sub-Space. The Erotic Zone of pleasure.

She is shaking with pleasure , her pussy is soaking wet, she can hardly move her endorphins are running wild , she cannot think or hardly speak. Yes we have done our job well. This is what we as Doms or dommes want to obtain from play.

I myself prefer petite to medium builds , hey my preference , we all have them. it is not to say that I could not like someone else it has happened , and very well could again. I do not base people by there looks or there money status. The almightyΒ  personality reins over everything, well to a point..

It is true spanking is an art, to truly learn you have to love spanking for pleasure. Kinda like eating pussy any man can eat pussy , but when you have a male or female who truly loves it, it is really hard to get rid of her after that , like a puppy following you around, and yes eating pussy is a fetish as well.

The setting has to be right , some jazz turned down low , candles lit no lights , talking to make comfortable , this is what you want to do is make them feel at ease , knowing that only good is on the way.

I prefer my bed it is just the right height , so I can bend her over her arms and palms are face down flat legs just slightly spread , yea just stand behind for sometime and admire.

I walk up and I slip the blindfold on secure it so not to fall off. I then pick up the baby oil and pour just a little in my hands and slowly rub each cheek , while talking to her , you want to know her thoughts , how she feels . Slowly rubbing each cheek you can see her ass glow in the candle light, a truly beautiful sight.

I like to stand to the side wrapping my are around her waist cupping her pussy not tight just to cover. applying a small amount of pressure to the Clit area.

I place my hand on one cheek just so my hand fits perfectly on her ass cheek , I take my hand off and smack, not hard the baby oil adds a little sting anyway, repeat , over and over a little harder each time.

You can feel her tension up if it becomes to hard, changing cheeks and repeating now as your hand is making impact you will feel her legs begin to tremble, her head goes down, your arm around her waist is for support.

Telling her shes a good girl, positive reinforcement , you then stop and cup each cheek one at a time and slowly rub , then again bringing your hand up and back down , by now her pussy is wet soaked you insert one or two fingers and apply a small amount of pressure on the G spot. and holding it. Keep the pressure on the G spot while spanking , talking to her.

Yes she has came, from pure pleasure.Β  Gotta love the Ass..



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  1. i love spanking a nice ass because the female ass is the most beautiful thing on earth

  2. I love love love being is more of a reward or gift to me than punishment. If my Master wants to punish me he can gag me as I hate that! πŸ™‚

  3. being ignored is the worse pain Vile

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    I love Viles posts!

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    This was a post from 2012 I really enjoyed doing. A Vile flashback

  6. I so look forward to my Daddy spanking me and he loves doing it also. That’s about the extent of D/s relationship pain that I’m willing to endure…

  7. I LOVE TO BE SPANKED…OMG I think there is nothing better in the world…well except sucking cuck (giggle). I get spanked for reward and paddled for punishment and NEVER confuse the two…but OH the pleasure of a bare hand slapping my ass…hmmmmmm πŸ™‚

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    Goodness the pleasure of a GOOD SPANKING should never be underestimated.

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