She is submissive , but he is not Dominant

I have wrote about this before , on the old blog but wanted to touch base again. This happens all to often , in people who have been in relationships for sometime. What ever reason females tend to come out of there shell at and older age discovering there submissive side , or they have been submissive all along and just never able to express there feelings. The lack of communication , or they are afraid there spouse or partner will not except them.

This can be very difficult and lonely because it feels you have nowhere  to turn , or anyone you can talk to. a lot of confusing. Even if you get the nerve up to sit your partner down and express your needs or wants , most of the time they do not understand , or they think your sick . Yes I am speaking from experience, with the exception I am Dominant, but it really goes both ways.

Sometimes though not to often the spouse will understand and will try to comply with the sudmissives wish’s , though if the spouse has never played that role , it takes much more than picking up a few books and reading. The spouse should be willing to meet others in the lifestyle, and possibly find a mentor to teach. A very long process , but the real truth is , if they were never in a dominant role the odds of someone picking up that role is very far and few between.

It is like being a big trap with no place to go. A long time ago I dated a lot of married women who had those feelings but it was not about sex, just sessions. That is right no sex , they were very much in love , loved there husband and home, but just missing that part in there life.

This is something I do not recommend , I suppose in someways I feel somewhat guilty , well maybe a little , Okay I do not really hey it was a learning process for me as well,

So to the submissive this is a tough dissension you have to come to , because there is no quick fix. If your spouse is not willing to give in, you either suck it up and continue as June Clever, and keep your family together , or the extreme pack up and leave. Those are really the two options you have.

Your desires will only become stronger and much harder to fight. I do not recommend stepping outside of the home to see someone who is in the lifestyle , one you could end up getting hurt , this would be hard to explain to your family , or the more extreme you may not come home at all .

Not an easy fix..



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