My topic on Slave Positions

I am going to do something I do not do often , that is apologize , yup Vile is Apologizing.

I received a response from Sex Geek , turned out her comment was not pointed at me. Okay I jumped the gun. She is correct though Most Dominants do think with there dicks and not there head. There dick runs there life , most of the time this does lead to abuse..

So I do apologize.


I did a blog on different slave positions a couple of weeks ago. These positions are not about sex , or having your submissive or slave do them just because. It is just not about abuse. I am also sure all Dominant do not use them.

Just as in religion , there are many different levels of BDSM , every Dom , or Mistress has there own way of training , there own goals. I mean that is what Owning someone is right ! Positive reinforcement , making yours the best they can be.

There is abuse on both sides though Dominants and Mistress’s it is not a one way street. There are many Dominants and Mistress’s who are ego driven , who need that rush , knowing someone is at your beck and call.

One thing you will never see me do is criticize another Dominant or Mistress , about how they train or treat theirs. Number one it is not my place. Number two there is no BDSM 101 out there for us to reach for.

So we learn from others if you do happen to be active in the local community, your willing to be mentored by another Dominant or even a Mistress.

The Positions are not mean to be sexual, or to obtain a hard on , okay well there maybe be a few who use there for that purpose , or to just humiliate in someway. The Positions are meant to put the slave or submissive in that state of mind , a reminder. Do I use them all nah , but I teach them , and use when I feel the need , not just to get a hard on.

My blogs have been positive , in every way , mostly about safety and the caring of , not abuse, or ways for Doms to get laid.

Again I will never speak about another , on there training or what they need in a relationship , no matter how wrong I think it is or how I think things should be done. Just not my place.

It was pointed out to me a week ago about how a Mistress ran across my blog on Positions and just basically trashed me , made fun of me , talking about porn , getting a boner , just using them for sex. The way I understood it she was saying I was not real , I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was really in shock reading this , without even knowing me.

So I went to her blog and wrote a rebuttal , explaining myself which I really did not have to , nor did I really care. To not even know me.

The blogger is the Sex Geek , who seems really Brilliant , smart , very educated. probably a long list of followers , but to trash someone , that is just wrong.

I wrote two rebuttals and it said waiting for moderation for almost two days. I went back and what I had wrote was not there , she did not approve , nor did she reply.

What I wrote was basically what I said above.

Even if these positions were used for a sexual manner , training, putting them in that mode . That is an agreement of both going into the relationship , between the two. So neither one is going in blind. The submissive or slave already knows what to expect or what is expected .

Do not trash someone for the way they think or act , train , there lifestyle . Everyone is different . The lifestyle is about respect between all .



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