Why Rules


Posted by vile62 on April 23, 2012 in BDSM

In a D’s relationship we are seeking a couple of things, first and for most a partner we are compatible with, to insure we are on the same page when it come to what we want out of the relationship, in the bedroom , and out. You become best friends. You know what each other is going to say before you speak. The submissive or slave knows what her owner is thinking, what his reaction is going to be in any scenario.

In the beginning of the relationship the two sit down, and cover what they want, what is expected, and what is wanted a year down the road.

A Dominant is seeking a submissive to fulfill his life, the communication, the control., the same kinks, his wants and needs. A dominant with the right partner is the most content person in the world.

A submissive or slave is looking for a little more in the relationship. A submissive is looking for acceptance, communication, someone who will listen, someone she can talk to about anything and not be judged, kink or not. The most important is structure, and stability within the relationship. Most submissives or slaves have suffered some type of abuse. It is very important for the dominant to be willing to spend time and learning everything about his new partner. She will tell you things she has not told her best friends, or even her parents.

Rules are implemented at first as a form of training, it is best to start out with a few, not to overwhelm, not to confuse, or set up for failure. The training process is all about positive reinforcement .

I know a dom who lives in daytona, who has like 80 rules, that is insane, you spend all your time waiting on the sub to break a rule..

Rules are meant to use as a training process, as well as protocol. Once the submissive talks hold of everything, she will find out what she has learned, she will be able to implement in everyday life.

Yesterday I posted on positions, these are not only used for training, but to give the submissive or slave, the feeling of being vulnerable and in that state of submission.

Once everything has been learned , it is important for the dominant to stay on top, to insure the rules and protocols are being followed. More so it is very important for the dominant to punish when rules are broken, which I can tell you that does not happen very often. If a submissive or slave breaks a rule, most of the time they are not getting the attention they need…


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