What am I

What am I

Posted by vile62 on April 24, 2012 in BDSM

In the BDSM lifestyle there are many different roles, we all have different needs, fetishes, kinks. Our imagination grows daily. Everyday is a learning process for us.

Here is the tricky part, what are we? I myself have played many different roles in the past 20 years, it was not until I hit the 5 year mark, when I come to realize what my role was in BDSM, for the first couple of years, I was a sadist. My first real long term relationship was with a masochist. She really helped me learn a lot and expand my role. Even though I was a sadist I was not a dominant. We did not have that kind of relationship,because even though she was a masochist she was not a submissive. Does that make sense ?

You can be a submissive, and not into the play scene, the submissive is content just being a service submissive..

You can be a dominant, and not into the play scene. in most cases this is called domestic discipline, the same with the submissive I spoke about, into service, wants the man to control, but not into the play part of BDSM. A lot of religions today practice this form of living, with the exception, the submissive excepts the punishment if a rule is broken.

It is very important if your new to the lifestyle, to sit down and think what is your role ? What is it you want out of the relationship ? How far do you want to go ?

I started out as a sadist, but as I grew I felt I needed more, I did not want the control, I needed it, it was  true need, but I also wanted the kink, with in the relationship.

As a dominant I have played a few roles, I believe that if you are true to your word,  and you have an interest in a submissive, you can somewhat conform to fit the submissives needs and still be happy.

You may have never played the daddy dom but you meet a submissive you take a liking to, there you go, but and there is always a but, once you assume this role it is you. You cannot change the rules midstream.

Are you a dominant ? are you a sadist ? are you a submissive ? are you a slave ?

Something to think about.

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