To all Slave and Submissives

To all Slave and Submissives

Posted by vile62 on April 29, 2012 in Abuse, BDSM, Infidelity, Physical Abuse, Relationships

I am on who is short and to the point, and I only have one question. What the fuck are you doing ? Now we all know when meeting someone one new, the whole meeting things is all about safety or I thought is was.

I know sometimes we just do not think, we fail to look at the whole picture, maybe a brain cramp, brain freeze, or it just never crossed your mind.

Today the internet is an awesome tool for meeting people. It has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It makes it easier to be who we really are, we seem to open up a bit more, express our needs and wants more.

So you meet someone on a social site, can be very vanilla like Eharmony  , You chat for a while you kinda like the one your chatting with. Now comes the big step . Lets email. NOT.

Now most do not think about this you have just giving me your email addy. You know what I have most of your life in my hands.

Okay now I have your Facebook , I now have your twitter, and if people still use myspace. I know where you work, what state, city, and or town.

I can put in your email address hit search, then images guess what ? Yup am I going to find nudes, pictures of your kids , family.

Please pick a email, do not use it for anything else, only people you wish to make contact with, never give out your last name.

This am a slave contacted me, yup I have her email. She lives maybe 30 minutes from me, really smoking hot mean wow..

So I am on facebook I copy her email paste and guess what. She is married, she does live where she say she does. Her hubby is in the army stationed in NY, has two kids, I know where she works because that was posted. I found her twitter, yup shes a hoe. I bet hubby does not know,

Am I going to see her ? Nope I have no interest in wrecking a family , let the bitch do it herself, let her take the fall, the blame. Fucking shame on her.

Ladies are you serious ? Come on , Think.

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