This is an article I ran across on TPE total power exchange

This is an article I ran across on TPE total power exchange

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Total power exchange (TPE) is a derivative of the concept of power exchange in a master/slave relationship. The term refers to a relationship where the dominant or owner has complete authority and influence over the submissive’s life, making the majority of decisions. TPE is occasionally referred to as 24/7, denoting that protocol in the D/s relationship is in play anytime, anyplace and the dominant partner gets complete power at all times.

An early use of the term “total power exchange” occurred in the newsgroup on February 3, 1995 by Jon Jacobs.[1], who wrote of his “…contention that total power exchange is possible and, apparently, that the play-party paradigm is not real power exchange.”

A TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationship, sometimes described as an absolute lifestyle d&s relationship … is a relationship in which no impediment to the exercise of the owner’s power is accepted … Such things as safewords, contracts, negotiated limits, and anything else which recognizes / acknowledges / formalizes limits on the owner’s power are inimical to TPE.

Jacobs preferred to use the phrase absolute power exchange (APE), but both terms continued to be problematic for some people, including many who pursue these types of relationship, since the relationship is subject to the physical and the emotional limitations of the participants and therefore cannot genuinely be total or absolute. Partly as a result of these objections, the term internal enslavement (IE) was first used in 2000 to better describe the state of mind of these kinds of “consensual slaves”.[2][3]

The slave may work to please or satisfy the master. This could include servitude, humiliation, public servitude, public use of collar and in some instances leash.


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