The Submissive meets a new Dominant

Posted by vile62 on April 24, 2012 in Abuse, BDSM, Safe Sex

So your meeting a new submissive, you may have met her on craigslist, maybe plenty of fish, I doubt Eharmony eh maybe possible. I think Eharmony blocked me.

I talk to a lot of submissives or slaves who were meeting a new dom, and hoping to start a relationship, there looking for the one.

Before meeting I would hope there would be hours and hours of chat, talking on the phone, and text.

As dominants in the lifestyle we are suppose to set the example, after all we are leaders right?

The dominant you are meeting has no right to make any type of demands, Okay I am guilty of this, in my 20′s and early 30′s . I want you to wear a skirt with no panties. Sounds familiar, yes it does.

Here is the thing to all you subs and slaves out there, until you agree to start any type of relationship, you are in charge, you are the captain of the ship. You tell the dominant where you want to meet, what time is good for you. You pick what your going to wear.

I would hope on the first meeting, it would be someplace very public, and safe. I would hope you would dress wisely, ie jeans a nice top, slacks , nice and presentable. You do not want to show up, showing your goods, one your hoping things work out two, do you want to look like an easy fuck. I doubt it, or hey who knows.

What you are trying to achieve here is starting a new relationship, during your first meeting, it is important that both lay out there ground rules, what both want out of the relationship, what each hopes to gain, there expectations , and there needs. It is very important to be upfront and truthful with the new dominant, I can tell you he will not forget anything you have told him. He has a court reporter in his head, and can be read back to at anytime, be truthful, that goes for both.

Many times a submissive or slave will meet the demands of the new dominant, yea short skirt, no panties, because they are craving acceptance so they are willing to put there self at risk.

So you have finished dinner, your walking out and the dominants says lets get a room, Flag. No respectable dominant will ask you of this. or your sitting in the car, hey suck my cock for me let me see how good you are. Another flag, again no respectable dominant will do this. Is he real not a chance, he is a man who goes through like thinking with his dick, he is a BDSM predator because he thinks submissives or slaves are weak.

Okay lets say you do get a room, lets say you suck his dick in the car at dennys , are you really surprised your phone does not ring ? Are you surprised he is not answering your text ? emails. Are you really surprised ?

Many times submissives give in even though they know it is wrong, or it is something they do not want to do, but to please and to show who they are, the head in the car start bobbing up and down. Just don’t be shocked if you do not hear from him again, he already got what he wanted

Safe Sane and Consensual.


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