Submissive and Slave Positions


Posted by vile62 on April 22, 2012 in BDSM

I guess this maybe something many do not understand or think, they serve no point in the training of a submissive or slave.

There are a couple of factors that come into play while training. 1 being able to get into the submissives or slaves head. Second to put them into that mindset.

Here are the basic positions, I to incorporate when I first begin training..


All positions are constructed to work against the natural body adjustment. They force the person to fully concentrate on their position and body. The intention is to increase the attention as well as the concentration. They also violate the persons instinctive self protection by exposing the body and its vulnerable regions. By this the feeling of being helpless and being at someone’s mercy is emphasized.

Position 1: Standing
The legs are lightly spread apart and the hands are folded behind the neck with the elbows spread wide. By this the body and especially the vulnerable chest are exposed and unprotected.

Position 2: Kneeling Upright (Attention)
The knees are lightly spread apart and the hands are folded behind the neck with the elbows spread wide.

Position 3: Kneeling (Waiting Position)
The slave kneels with spread legs, the hands rest on the thighs, palms up. This position shows the will to serve and the position of the hands with palms up also signals that their is no aggression (psychological effect)

Position 4: kneeling face down (Submission)
The arms are spread forward or folded on the back. The neck is exposed and with that the person shows complete submission.

Position 5: On All Fours (as furniture, chair, table, doggy-style)
This position has certain animalistic aspects as well as the aspect of humiliation. If you use your slave as a chair, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on his spine. Try to sit as close to his butt as possible.

Position 6: Belly
The arms are either spread in a 90 degree angle (butterfly) or spread forward at each side of the head. The legs are slightly spread and can be pulled a little towards the body in order to lift the back a little.

Position 7: Bend Down (Punishment / Inspection Position)
The backside is very much exposed and with that wonderfully positioned for a spanking or flogging. The danger of hurting the kidneys is very much reduced. Just make sure your strikes come from the side rather than from the top. This position also very useful for “inspections”. But it is quite unstable, so be careful when using it for punishment.

Position 8: Backside / Presentation
The hands are positioned around the ankles and spread the legs a little. In this position the genital area is very exposed and unprotected.

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