Masters Who Switch


Posted by vile62 on April 25, 2012 in BDSM, Domination, Submission

Now I am not close minded in anyway shape or form , as a matter of fact I am probably one of the most open minded Dominant you will ever meet.

Let me say something real fast , someone complained to me because I did not speak about gays being in the lifestyle,  now to tell you the truth I do not know enough about there community to comment about them. I am very pro-gay, I have friends who are gay, even this little Chinese guy who has been chasing me for 2 years. My best friend is a lesbian who calls me pops. I have spent the night with her in the same bed, and I held her while she cried.  So Anti gay I am not…

Okay on to the topic , several months ago I met a master and slave at a BDSM  event, and we spent a couple of hours talking. Last week we met again at winn dixie, and he invited me over to there home for dinner, I accepted and I arrived at there home promptly at 8 pm.

The dinner was very pleasant his slave more so, her dress was more traditional, reminded me a little bit of an Amish wife. We retired to the patio, to talk more had a few drinks.

The door bell rang he excused himself , shortly after she left as well. So about 15 minutes go by I am wondering what the fuck. So me being me I am going to check things out, I walked passed two bedrooms, the bathroom and nothing, Okay, The garage , I was to the garage door and I open it and I am in shock, my jaw drops open, his slave looks at me and says are you going next, and she just turns her head and watch’s.

Now her master is know his knees sucking s dudes cock,  I’m standing there a little confused, trying to take in everything, and I am unable to process it. I turn shut the door, I grab a couple of padron 1926 cigars, very good cigar. and I leave.

Here is the thing , I know men who are bisexual who are in the lifestyle, but they are in the submissive role. To each there own you know. I do not think any less of a male being bi or gay we are all human..

What I fail to understand, maybe someone can help me out, because I am still unable to process it. How can you be a male master, who has a female slave collard , married too as well , as submit to another man , or even a female domme, and your slave still respect you as a dominant, a master, how can the slave not lose respect, or continue in a master and slave relationship…


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