Are some Master Ego Driven Or not Real


Posted by vile62 on April 19, 2012 in Abuse, BDSM

I was invited to a play party several months ago, and no I did not take part, I went as a presenter. I was speaking on protocol, which in the lifestyle today has been thrown out the fucking door. Anyway I had been speaking for about 20 min. This Dom walked in probably in his late 40′s, his slave was 20 or so, I am guessing.

He sat down and as I was speaking he began talking to others, after about 5 minutes or so, I said hey why don’t you come up here and speak, and Ill set down, so he shut up. After I was finished I hit the buffet,

This guy was dragging his sub around by her hair, I am like wow. You could see in her eyes she was embarrassed. You know fuck it not mine right ! She chose to be there., so he is walking around and introducing her as his cunt meant.  Really CUNT MEAT. wow.

This goes on for about an hour, as I am going to the bathroom I walk past a room no door, and there is like 5 dues banging this girl, you could look at her she was lost.  I just stand there looking in disbelief , I say yo guys what the fuck are you doing, look at her she is scared to death, look at her eyes, what the fuck ? So king dom walks up and says that’s my cunt. I replied look what ever, but your not doing this shit here, you need to get her dressed and go..

Wow what an ego a dominant I think not pure ego full of abuse. I have seen him at munchs she was not with him so maybe she got smart.  What some will do for acceptance…

If this is you, I really pity you. You should be ashamed of yourself you are no man.

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